Hello! I’m Zbigniew Mazurak, a conservative defense analyst and blogger.

When I was in school, I’ve been a frequent contributor to a student magazine, but the publishers worked so slowly that most of my articles weren’t published until I’ve graduated (if ever). And although I’m currently studying at a university I will not work for any more student mags, because their publishers may work slowly, too. And they may refuse to publish my conservative writings.

This blog allows me to publish anything, which is why I’ve created it. I don’t have much free time, but I’ll write a post whenever I can and when there will be something to write about.


3 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Mr. Mazurak:

    Thank you for your comments on my American Thinker piece, “Your Energy Future Under the Democrats.” I focused specifically on our problems in the US but your insight into the energy situation in Poland is a well argued (and needed to be understood) correlative.

    Larrey Anderson

  2. Thank you. I’m pleased to hear that my comment has contributed to your article. Please write more essays if you have enough time.

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