My conservativemetre

Yesterday, I’ve devised and published my conservativemetre, a table which measures how conservative politicians are. It’s the best such device in the world.
1) How does it measure politicians:
It includes a wide range of issues (e.g. the FairTax, the American nuclear arsenal, and federal pork-barrel spending). Currently, there are 27 issues listed in that table. Every politician’s speeches and record related to that issue are measured by how conservative they are. That is, he’s measured by how conservative he is on that issue.
Each candidate receives 0 points for each issue on which he’s liberal, 1 point for each issue on which he’s moderately conservative and 2 points for each issues on which he’s ultraconservative.
For example, Fairtax is one of the issues on which politicians were measured. Giuliani opposes it but favours a flat income tax, so he’s moderately conservative on that one. So he received 1 point for it. Hunter, Huckabee, Thompson and Tancredo favour the FairTax, so they’re ultraconservative on that issue. So they received 2 points each for it.
His total number of points is then countered against the total number of points available (currently 54, because there are 27 issues) to calculate a percentage. That percentage is his final badge, which will indicate how conservative he is.
2) How well must someone fare to be declared a conservative by me:
To be a conservative politician according to me, your cons. percentage in the CM must be no less than 75%.
3) How many politicians have been measured:
So far, 8. These 8 politicians are or were all 2008 presidential candidates.


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