John McCain is not a hero nor an honorable man.

Some of McCain’s fans defend him with the ludicrous arguments: “John McCain is a hero”, “he’s an honorable man”, “he’s been morally tested by Vietnamese torturers”, etc.

But they’re wrong. John McCain is not a hero, nor an honorable man, nor a good man. He’s an immoral political player.

1) John McCain cheated to get to the US Naval Academy. McCain’s high school grades were so bad that he did not qualify for a nomination to any service academy. McCain used his father to get to the Academy. The children of admirals were allowed to study at the Academy regardless of their HS grades.
2) McCain cheated to get to the USN pilot school. McCain’s Academy grades were very low. He graduated 894th as a member of a class of 899 cadets. He did not qualify for the Pilot School (only the best students are allowed to join it), so his father intervened so that the Pilot School would accept McCain.
3) When John McCain was captured, he acted as “a Vietnamese songbird”, according to the Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain group. He revealed military secrets after the Viets promised to take him to a hospital.
4) McCain claims he was a footsoldier during the Reagan Revolution. The fact is that he OPPOSED Reagan’s policies. For example, in 1990, one year after Reagan retired from the White House, McCain voted (together with the Dems) to severely reduce spending on the SDI. In 1993, the SDI program was killed by the Clinton Administration.
5) During the 1980s and the 1990s, John McCain rejected evidence indicating that there were still American POWs in Vietnam and refused to intervene for them. McCain even punched a disabled relative of one of these POWs after leaving a Senate room. McCain shouted angrily at the families of the POWs and at POW liberation advocates during the hearings.
6) McCain was the RINGLEADER of the Keating Five, i.e. the perpetrator of the Keating Five scandal, which cost American taxpayers 160 billion dollars. Charles Keating thus enriched himself with taxpayers’ money. McCain was never punished. The Senate merely reprimanded him. The Senate should’ve expelled him to enable a prosecutor to arrest and prosecute McCain. John McCain belongs in jail, not in the Senate.
7) During the 2000 presidential campaign, McCain falsely called Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell “agents of intolerance”.
8) During the 2000 presidential election, while speaking to anti-Reagan media, McCain insulted Ronald Reagan by making a cracked joke about people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. McCain KNEW that Reagan was afflicted with that disease, and KNEW that the media to whom he was pandering hated Ronald Reagan.
9) In 2002, McCain and his buddy Russ Feingold authored the McCain-Feingold Act (“the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act”), which President Bush signed. This Act is a law designed to protect corrupt incumbent lawmakers (such as John McCain) from competitors. A large part of this Act was recently declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.

John McCain is not a hero nor an honorable man. Period.


5 thoughts on “John McCain is not a hero nor an honorable man.”

  1. Other than having your facts wrong, there is no merit to your assertions. Your description of the admission process to the service academies is flat out wrong. Admiral’s children received no preference. Besides, at the time of McCain’s appointment his father was a Captain, not an Admiral. HS grades play only a minor role in nominations and appointments to service academies. Flight School (not Pilot School) is also not dependent upon grades. You simply know nothing about USNA, service academies in general or the military. I guess zbigniewmazurak is neither honorable, nor truthful.

    1. My facts are not wrong. My assertions are correct. McCain would’ve never received an Academy nomination if his father hadn’t been a USN officer. It was his father who “pulled the strings”.

      And only an idiot like you would claim that the USN would allow the 6th WORST graduate of the USNA to pilot USN aircraft. If it would allow him to do so, then the USN’s leaders are idiots.

      So it’s you who knows nothing about the USNA, service academies generally, or the US military.

  2. Beautifully defined, Zbig!

    You forgot one VERY important reason why McCain is not a hero and is in fact, an agent for Mexico–his apparent love for the Invasion of the U.S. by 30 to 40 illegal aliens, most of whom broke in across his Arizona-Mexico border and what did McCain do in the 30-plus years in Congress to stop them? Nothing! Instead, he became the Republican champion for Amnesty for these millions of illegals, instead of insisting that they get out.

    1. I did not forget it. I deliberately chose not to include it because it’s only one of the many reasons why McCain is not a hero. Many other people have criticized McCain for his amnesty Acts, so I chose not to repeat other people’s words. Instead, I’ve listed those reasons which few people have ever mentioned. These reasons prove that McCain is not an honorable veteran who proposed an amnesty for illegal aliens – he’s a dishonorable, lying, cheating criminal who perpetrated a scandal that cost American taxpayers $160 billion dollars.

  3. I didn’t claim that McCain’s father was a flag officer when McCain was appointed, I merely claimed that the children of admirals were admitted to the USNA regardless of their marks.

    McCain’s father was a Captain when McCain was admitted; in November 1958, his father was promoted to the flag rank (RADM) and assigned to the office of the SECNAV, thus becoming a very influential person.

    From the website of Louie Gohmert:

    “To be considered for an appointment to a service academy, an applicant must meet the eligibility requirements established by law and be nominated from an authorized person including a Member of the United States Senate or the House of Representatives. I may nominate applicants who are legally domiciled within the boundaries of the First District of Texas.

    Who Is Eligible?
    An applicant for a nomination must meet the following eligibility requirements as of July 1 of the year of admission to a service academy. He or she must be at least 17 years old, but not have passed the 23rd birthday, must be a United States citizen, and must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

    Applying To My Office For A Nomination
    Students interested in a nomination should contact my Tyler district office in the early spring of their junior year in high school. The deadline to send in nomination packets is November 1st. Also, please note that it is extremely important that the student begin the application process with the academies themselves.

    Service Academies
    There are five Service Academies: the United States Air Force (USAFA), Naval (USNA), Military (USMA), Merchant Marine (USMMA), and Coast Guard (USCGA) Academies. Nominations are required for all but the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, to which appointments are made on the basis of an annual nationwide competition.

    There are various nomination authorities, with each eligible young person being able to apply to both United States Senators from the applicant’s state, his or her United States Representative, and the Vice President (if very highly qualified). The other nomination categories are military-affiliated.

    As competition for nomination and appointment is very keen, it is wise for all interested persons to apply through all sources for which they are eligible and for all Academies in which they have a real interest. An individual may be nominated by more than one nominating authority and/or to more than one Academy.”

    Nomination requirements from the website of Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-CA):

    “Nomination Process and Requirements
    My selection process consists of several factors, including the completion of my nomination application data sheet and an interview before my Academy Nomination Board. In choosing nominees, I will consider:
    • Application Data Sheet
    • Academic Transcript
    • SAT/ACT Score Sheet
    • List of Extra Curricular Activities
    • Essay (between 500 and 1000 words), detailing “Why I Want to Attend the Academy.”
    • An Interview before my Academy Nomination Board
    • Optional: Letters of recommendation not required, but two may be submitted.”

    I count SAT/ACT score as HS grades, because they ARE HS grades (earned by HS students for exams).

    Don’t claim that a BS essay plays a significant role – it doesn’t. Neither it nor an interview can save you if you don’t earn good HS grades.

    The other compulsory elements included on the list are the Application Data Sheet and the Academic Transcript.

    So yes, it is HS grades which play the decisive role.

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