The myth that the “Anglosaxons” didn’t try to save the Jews.

On 27/1/2010, Professor Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, PM Donald Tusk, a TVP1 presenter, and 3 publicists damnated the so-called “Anglosaxons” (as they called the Americans and the Britons). They claimed that the Americans and the Brits “did nothing” to stop the Holocaust and save the Holocaust’s victims.
Their claim that “the Anglosaxons did nothing” to stop the Holocaust and save the Holocaust’s victims is a blatant lie, and simoultaneously an insult to these nations and their countries (the US and Britain).
The facts pertinent to the Holocaust are: the “Anglosaxons” implemented the ONLY policy that could’ve saved the Holocaust’s victims: the policy of defeating the Third Reich as soon as the Allies could do so. Only that policy could’ve saved the Jews. There were no alternative policies. No bombing of Auschwitz or the rail lines connected to it could’ve EVER solved the Holocaust issue.
There were no guided missiles and no guided bombs as of 1945, and the CEP for even the best USAAF bombers was half a mile (i.e. 800 meters). There were no B-2s, no B-1s, no UCAVs, no U-2s and no satellites. USAAF Airmen wouldn’t even have recognized from the air what buildings were the gas chambers and what buildings were SS barracks. Photos marked with descriptions indicating what building was what weren’t delivered to the US until June 1944, when most of the Holocaust’s victims were already dead.
The USAAF’s best bombers (also used by the RAF) were B-24 Liberator bombers, whose operational radius was 1050 kms, meaning that they could attack targets only as far as 1050 kms away from their base (their range was 2100 kms, but they needed to come back to base). The first USAAF base close enough to fly B-24 bombers from it to Poland was Foggia AFB, near Bari, which was opened during the 1944 summer. By 1944, most of the Jews whom the Nazis planned to murder were already dead.
Bombing rail lines connected to Auschwitz-Birkenau was not a solution, because railroad lines can be easily repaired, as the Americans witnessed during the Korean war and the Vietnamese war.
Moreover, gas chambers weren’t the only genocidal methods used by the Germans. The Germans used dozens of methods, including: shooting pregnant women, drowning the victims, ordering their dogs to eat the victims, shooting the victims, freezing the victims in “medical facilities” in camps, murderous “medical experiments”, beating the victims, starving the victims, crushing the heads of children at walls, and ordering the victims to run along staircases (vide the Mauthausen camp, which did not feature gas chambers). None of these methods involved gas chambers, and none of them could’ve been ended by the USAAF or the RAF.
Bartoszewski’s claim (repeated by TVN and Donald Tusk) that the world did nothing to stop the Holocaust and save the Jews is a lie for the same reasons as above.
Bartoszewski’s claim that the world didn’t determine a method to end the Holocaust and wasn’t interested in the task of finding one is a lie for the same reasons as above. If the world wasn’t interested, it wouldn’t have tried to defeat the Third Reich.
The world did determine a method to end the Holocaust, and that method was the plan to defeat the Third Reich.


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