Lavelle’s false claims

On 9th May 2009, as Russian military vehicles were riding through Moscow, the pro-Russian traitor Peter Lavelle made a number of false claims on TV.
Peter Lavelle is an anti-American traitor of American origin. He was born in the US and graduated from UC-Davis, but he relocated to Eastern Europe no later than by 1985. He lives in Russia. He’s a pro-Russian traitor who serves as the Kremlin’s propagandist.
His claims are treasonous and false.
He made a claim that, „it really gets on my nerves that the United States spends more money on the military than all other countries in the world combined”. That claim is treasonous and false. America doesn’t spend more on its military than the rest of the world combined. America’s defense budget is $534 bn dollars. If one counts the Chinese military budget in ($150 bn for CY2009), as well as the military budgets of Russia ($100 bn for CY2009, although the official budget is $50 bn), France (38 bn EUR), Britain (38 bn GBP), and all other countries of the world, and the military budgets of Russian ministries other than the MOD (budgets used to buy items for the MOD), one gets an amount of money larger than $534 bn. But even if the US defense budget had been larger than the defense budgets of the rest of the world combined, that budget wouldn’t been bad or excessively large for the reasons that: 1) America defends not only itself but also dozens of other countries; 2) America has the right to defend itself; 3) America has the right to whatever military budget it chooses; 4) the US defense budget doesn’t threaten other countries; 5) things are more expensive in the US than in other countries (including Russia and China); 6) one can buy less for one dollar in the US than in Russia and China. 7) America must continue to rebuild its military after 12 years of treasonous defense cuts by the Bush I Administration and the Clinton Administration. Clinton, by his own admission, loaths the military. 8) America’s FY2010 defense budget accounts for merely 3.61% of GDP, which is a low figure (historically and absolutely).
The fact that America has the defense budget it has irks him because he’s a liberal traitor who hates the US and the US military and doesn’t desire a strong US military.
Lavelle’s claim that Russia hasn’t been buying new military equipment „for 20 years, and in some cases for 30 years”, is treasonous and false. It’s false because:
1) it’s ridiculous to claim „30 years”. 30 years ago, the Defense Minister was Dmitry Ustinov and the Soviet dictator was Leonid Breznev. It’s ridiculous to claim that they didn’t buy new equipment. If that had been the case, SS-19 ICBMs (introduced in 1982) and other weapons introduced after 1979 would’ve never been introduced.
2) During the last 20 years, the Kremlin has also been buying new equipment. As long as the USSR existed (i.e. until 25/12/1991), the Kremlin was buying huge tranches of equipment (e.g. SS-25 ICBMs that were introduced in 1988 and since 1990, the Kremlin was producing them en masse). In 1991, the Russian Federation inherited hundreds of SS-25 ICBMs from the USSR. After the collapse of the USSR, Yeltsin’s Russia was also buying new equipment – albeit limited tranches of it, due to budgetary limitations. Nonetheless, many new weapon systems were introduced in Russia during the 1990s, including modern S-300 variants (introduced in 1993 and produced continously ever since then), T-90 tanks, SS-27 ICBMs (introduced in 1997), et al. After Putin became President, the Russian defense budget increased significantly, and so did Russian weapon orders.

Regarding his other false claims:
His claim about „the base from which Russia starts” is false. There are no bases from which a country starts.
What he meant was that, allegedly, Russia has a significantly weaker military than the US. He’s wrong. Russia’s military is as strong as the US. The 1980s weapons inherited from the USSR (such has hundreds of SS-25 ICBMs) gave the Russian Federation a large, decent arsenal to begin with. Yeltin’s Russia was buying few weapons, but Putinist Russia is buying large tranches of weapons. Besides, Russia is also modernizing its Soviet weapons such as SS-18 ICBMs, SS-19 ICBMs, submarines and tanks, thus prolonging their lifetimes.
 His claim that Russia is not interested in an arms race and is not waging an arms race is treasonous and false. Russia is interested in an arms race, and it is waging an arms race, as of 2010 – it’s waging an arms race against other countries because of Putin’s anti-Western, imperialist, anti-American policy.
His claim that the Bush missile defense system was a threat to Russia was treasonous and false. The Bush missile defense system was not a threat to Russia or any other country. It was a plan for merely 10 interceptor-missiles, which couldn’t undermine the Russian military, which has 466 ICBMs, 290 strategic bombers, 12 SSBNs, over 3000 SLBMs, and 8 SSGNs.
Russia is not just modernizing its military – it’s also rearming its military.
Russia is a genuine threat to the West, as „mainstream media in the West” (referred to by Lavelle) said.
Russia does not have a very defensive foreign policy. Russia’s foreign policy is not defensive. Russia’s foreign policy is aggressive. A country that practices a nuclear strike against one of its neighbors (Poland) AFTER Obama scrapped the missile defense system practices an aggressive foreign policy, not a defensive foreign policy. A country that threatens to aim its nuclear-armed missiles against all European countries practices an aggressive foreign policy, not a defense policy.

Russia doesn’t need to work until 2020 to become as strong as the US. It’s already as strong as the US.



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