The most popular posts on my blog

McCain did cause a surge – but not the Iraqi surge. He caused the surge of the number of readers of my blog.

On 24th January 2010, I posted a refutal of the myth that McCain is “an honorable man” or “a hero”. A day later, 42 people read my blog, causing it to achieve the 3000-visitors-milestone. The next day (26/1/2010), 50 people read my blog. On 27/1/2010, 30 people read this website.

The blog’s stats indicate that the post about John McCain is the reason why so many people visited this blog. It’s currently the most popular post on this blog (previously, the fifth edition of my Defense Reform Proposals Package was the most popular post). The second most popular post is “Russia is still a communist country”. The third most popular post is “The USA is the most generous country of the world”.

Here are the links to the three most popular posts on my blog:


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