WaPo’s lies about the DOD budget

The treasonous WaPo newspaper stated several treasonous lies about the draft FY2011 defense budget.
Its claim that the FY2011 DOD budget is $700 bn is false. The DOD budget is NOT $700 bn, it’s ca. $540-550 bn. WaPo wrongly counted the funding for the GWOT as „defense spending”, which it isn’t, because it has NOTHING to do with defense. WaPo is lying (overestimating the size of the budget) to make the American people believe that the FY2011 DOD budget is too high. It is not.
WaPo lied that the „massive” weapon programs of the DOD have influential constituencies in the Congress and in the defense industry. There are no such „influential constituencies”. Only an honorable minority of members of the Congress defends those programs, and the defense industry is not influential. If it was influential, it would’ve prevented the treasonous FY2010 defense cuts.
The ONLY reason why these programs are maintained is that they’re necessary to equip the military.
WaPo quoted the rigged 2010 QDR as a false pretext for defense cuts. The 2010 QDR was rigged.
The 2010 QDR falsely claims that the DOD should focus on irregular weapons. It should not. It should treat all categories of weapons equally.
The 2010 QDR falsely claims that „the future will be dominated by hybrid wars featuring states using irregular weapons against the US”. States will NOT use irregular weapons against the US, because 1) there’s no reason to do so because conventional weapons are effective against state militaries 2) they have few, if any, irregular weapons 3) their militaries are configured to use conventional and strategic weapons, and to fight traditional wars, not hybrid wars 4) all of their weapon programs are conventional weapon programs and nuclear weapon programs (vide the weapon programs of China).
The most frequently occuring wars of the future (and simoultaneously the most likely wars of the future) will be conventional wars (traditional wars), that is, ship-to-ship-plane-to-plane-wars. America’s enemies, such as China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran, are arming themselves for precisely such wars. Against these countries, irregular weapons will be useless. These countries are all enemies of the US, and they’re all arming themselves against the US.
The 2010 QDR falsely claims that wars featuring terrorists using conventional weapons (e.g. antitank missiles) will also „dominate the future”. That claim is false for the same reasons as above.

The 2010 QDR is wrong to call on the Pentagon to focus more attention on wars in which enemy forces hide among the populace and use roadside bombs and hit-and-run ambushes to attack U.S. troops.”, i.e. irregular wars. Future wars of this kind are highly unlikely, and if they do happen, only a few of them will occur. The most frequently-occurring wars of the future will be conventional wars. The DOD should devote most of its time and resources to conventional and strategic weapon programs, and to conventional threats such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.
The 2010 QDR stated the WRONG diagnosis, for the reasons stated above.
The reason for the „mismatch” between the strategy and the budget program is that the strategy (i.e. the QDR) is WRONG. It’s a rigged QDR that ignores the conventional weapon programs and strategic weapon programs of China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran. It’s a scandalouls QDR and should be amended.
The F-35 program is neither one of the largest nor one of the most expensive weapon programs in the history of the US military. The weapon programs of WW2 were all larger and more expensive than the F-35 program.
The F-35 program is „massive” and „expensive” because 1) it is designed to yield the replacements for the aircraft of the militaries of 8 different countries, including 3 air services in the US and 2 air services in Britain 2) it is designed to yield the replacements for a very wide range of aircraft 3) it is designed to defend America, which is a huge country with a huge populace, and 7 other countries 4) the US military needs large quantities of F-35 planes 5) it is worth the money spent on it.
The reason why the development of the F-35 type has been ongoing for a decade (as of 1/2/2010) is that the producer (LM) needed that much time to develop this high-quality, versatile, three-variant planetype.
The „expensive conventional weapon programs” eliminated or curtailed by Secretary Gates were all necessary programs. They shouldn’t have been eliminated nor curtailed.
„The tough year” for the DOD and defense spending must never occur. The DOD must ALWAYS be well-funded. It must ALWAYS have a large defense budget. The Federal Budget must not be balanced with defense cuts.
The fact that „The lack of big weapons cuts is causing some outcry from congressional Democrats” is because the Democrats are treasonous pacifists. Weapon cuts (let alone big weapon cuts) would weaken the US military, which has already been weakened by Obama’s first round of defense cuts.
Pelosi’s treasonous claim that the FY2011 DOD budget protects weapon contractors is false. It doesn’t. It equips the US military for various kinds of wars, and is designed for that purpose, not for the purpose of protecting weapon contractors.
The entire defense budget should be exempted from the spending freeze.


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