About that Alaskan island near Russia

106 people read my blog today. This is probably the best daily statistic ever recorded for this blog.

The reason is a post I wrote about Sarah Palin, Russia, and an Alaskan island that is located close to Russian Federation – namely, the Little Diomede Island. This is the island about which Palin said that if you stand on its shore, you will see Russia.

Palin was correct. If you go to that island and stand on the shore, facing Russia, you will see not only the Big Diomede Island (which is just 4 kms away, and constitutes a part of Russia), but also the Russian mainland (namely, Chukotka), which is just 40 kms away.

The Alaskan Government alone could finance a bridge (or a tunnel) spanning across the Bering Strait (which separates Alaska from Chukotka) and pipelines linking Russia to Alaska. It could finance that infrastructure by:

1) Merging the Dept. of the Law with the Dept. of Corrections, and the Dept. of Fish and Game with the Dept. of Environmental Pr. and the Department of Transportation;

2) Replacing only 50% of retiring state employees;

3) Selling unneeded state property (including state-owned airports);

4) Selling exquisite equipment of the Alaskan Government; and

5) Dedicating its budgetary surplus for this project.

But the Alaskan Government should NOT build that bridge. Why? Because Russia is an enemy of the US. Just listen to Putin’s anti-American rhetoric. Russia is an enemy of the US. There’s no reason to build bridges to Russia.



One thought on “About that Alaskan island near Russia”

  1. Look at todays world events and it confirms that Russia is no friend of the United States.

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