How Reagan toppled the USSR

Today is February 6th, 2010, the 99th birthday of the late Ronald Reagan, the man who toppled the USSR. The collapse of the Soviet Union was not a accidental event, nor was it domestically-generated. Rather, it was engineered by Ronald Reagan according to his plan.

How did Reagan topple the Soviet Union? Firstly, he won the arms race. Secondly, he exerted a heavy economic lever against the Soviet Union, by instituting a strict embargo against the Soviet Union and imposing the following costs on Moscow:
1) The cost of the arms race (which America could afford, because of its huge economy – a $566 bn DOD budget was small as a proportion of GDP);
2) The cost of the Afghan war (which Reagan prolonged by helping the mujahedeen);
3) The cost of the fact that Saudi Arabia, on Reagan’s request, significantly increased the amount of oil it produced (Nov. 1985), thus reducing the price of oil from $30/bbl in Nov. 1985 to $12/bbl 6 months later (the USSR lost $10 bn in 6 months as a result);
4) Other costs, which the Soviet Union was forced to pay from its own treasury, because the US refused to lend money to it, and convinced European countries to limit their loans to the USSR.
On top of these costs, Moscow also suffered the cost of the Chernobyl disaster (several hundred billion dollars), which was bound to happen because Soviet workers didn’t monitor the Chernobyl reactors clearly and because those Chernobyl reactors were decisively inferior to even first-generation Western reactors. (By comparison, when a reactor at Three Miles Island melted down, the entire TMI nuclear EP was shut down immediately, and consequently, no one died.)

These costs imposed by Reagan on the Soviet Union were so huge that the Soviet economy couldn’t pay them, and as a result, it collapsed, and consequently, so did the Soviet Union itself.

The Reagan-engineered collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the biggest accomplishments ever achieved by any person. Reagan achieved it.


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