CPAC2010: What to expect.

Earlier today, I wrote about the 2009 CPAC utterly discredited itself by presenting the DOD as a budget deficit producer and not listing Obama’s policy of unilateral disarmament by defense cuts as one of his troubling policies.

If the agenda is correct, that means that CPAC2010 will be even a more liberal, more anti-conservative, more anti-military, more ridiculous conference than CPAC2009. Firstly, there will be NO panel discussing defense issues as a stated topic. Secondly, there will be only 2 panels discussing foreign policy: one will debate the issue of a sovereign America threatened by proponents of a global government, and the other one will debate the subject, “What is a conservative foreign policy?”. It is the latter panel that troubles me – one of its members will be Dimitri Simes.

Who is Dimitri Simes? He’s a Russian who, during the 1970s, served as a foreign policy advisor to Richard Nixon, and in 1973, emigrated from the USSR to the US. He’s one of the chief architects of the treasonous policy of “detente with the Soviet Union”, that is, a policy of appeasement of the Soviet Union (a 1970s version of the 1930s appeasement policy of Nazi Germany, but conducted towards a worse regime than the 3rd Reich). This policy of appeasement was designed to “lower US-USSR tensions” but it failed abysmally – rather than reduce the risk of war, it increased that risk by: 1) emboldening the Soviet leaders; 2) unilaterally disarming the US military; 3) preventing any punishment for the USSR for its criminal policies. The detente policy encouraged the Russians to invade Afghanistan; it was ended by the Reagan Administration.

So the author of this disastrous, liberal, treasonous policy, Dimitri Simes, an employee of the liberal Carnegie Endowment, will serve as a member of a panel whose task will be to define “a conservative foreign policy”. The CPAC might as well ask Harry Reid to define conservative fiscal policies  or Perez Hilton to define conservative social policies.

By inviting Dimitri Simes to join that panel, CPAC has proven that it’s not conservative, it’s liberal.

During the last 3 years, ever since 2007, when I established my first blog, I’ve been arguing for strong Western militaries and against a policy of appeasement towards anti-Western dictatorships such as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Evidently, some people didn’t listen to me.


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