My Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution Agreement proposal

Below is my My Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution Agreement proposal (IP-CRA proposal), that is, my proposed list of terms on which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be resolved. This is a fair, equitable, just agreement which could be accepted by Israel and Palestinian alike. if both sides make concessions.

The terms of the agreement are as follows:

1) All Palestinian political parties, and all other Palestinian political organizations, must recognize Israel and its right to exist, and renounce war and terrorist attacks as methods of resolving conflicts. Similarly, all Israeli political parties must recognize Palestine and its right to exist.

2) All Palestinian terrorist organizations must be dissolved, and all of their members tried and imprisoned.

3) All Israeli POWs must be returned to Israel.

4) The capital of Israel shall be Jerusalem.

5) Israel shall withdraw to pre-1967 borders, thus ceding the entire West Bank minus Eastern Jerusalem to Palestine.

6) Palestine shall be a sovereign state, with its own government managing Palestine’s airspace, and with its own police. There shall be no Palestinian army, however.

7) Israel and Palestine shall give each other nonaggression guarantees.

8) Palestinian refugees shall receive the right of return.

9) Palestine and Israel shall maintain diplomatic relations with each other and open embassies in their capitals.

10) Israel shall stop building new settlements on Palestinian territories, dismantle existing Israeli settlements, and withdraw all of its settlers from Palestinian territories.

11) The US government must recognize Palestine as an independent state, open an embassy in Ramallah, but also relocate its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, because under this agreement, the capital of Israel will be an undivided Jerusalem.

12) The US Congress should abolish FMF aid for Israel and all other Middle Eastern countries (including Egypt).


4 thoughts on “My Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Resolution Agreement proposal”

  1. Zbigniev,
    One problem with your proposal, number 8:
    Who are the refugees and where do they return? To Israel or to the newly established Arab state of Palestine?

    1. To a Palestinian state. Israel will not accept them, because they’d change the composition of the Israeli populace so significantly that Israel would cease to be a state of the Jewish people.

    1. Whether Israel will ever agree to #5 will depend on who will govern Israel when the agreement is signed. Netanyahu will not cede any territories, but Livni and Barak might.

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