Russia opposes Obama’s BMD plan

Today, the Chief of the Russian General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov, said that Obama’s version of the missile shield is aimed at Russia, thus rejecting the assurances of the Obama Admin that his version of the missile shield is not aimed at Russia. Thus, General Makarov proved that Obama’s appeasement policy towards Russia has FAILED ABYSMALLY – Obama scrapped the Bush plan for a National Missile Defense System and replaced it with an inferior, conditional, “missile defense light” plan to appease the Russians, and got NOTHING as a reward. Russia reflexively opposes any version of the missile shield and is demanding that any plans for any missile shield be cancelled.

That means that Russia opposes missile defense per se.

The appeasement policy never works against any country. It fails everytime it’s tried. It only emboldens the enemies of your country while endaring your country. The appeasement policy towards the criminal Russian regime was always doomed to fail, just like its 1970s version (called the detente policy), aimed at the USSR, was failed.

Whoever will succeed Obama on 20th January 2013 must reject the appeasement policy.


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