McCain is an evil man

Some people claim that McCain is a hero. They’re lying. McCain is an evil man, not a hero. A few interesting facts about McCain:

1) McLame used his daddy to get to the USNA and the Flight School;
2) McLame insulted Ronald Reagan by mocking him and other people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease;
3) McLame is the chief perpetrator of the Keating Five scandal which cost American taxpayers $160 billion;
4) McLame lied repeatedly about many issues, e.g. Romney’s policy on Iraq, his amnesty bills, taxation, the McCain-Lieberman bill, etc.
5) McLame acted as “the Vietnamese songbird”, according to the Swift Boat Veterans;
6) McLame prevented the families of Vietnam war era POWs (the ones not repatriated by the DRV after 1973) to find out whether these POWs were still alive;
7) McLame assaulted a person who was in a wheelchair (

McCain is NOT a hero. Heroes don’t assault disabled people, lie, give military info to their enemies, nor perpetrate scandals. Heroes don’t insult Alzheimer-disease-afflicted people. Heroes don’t need their fathers to get accepted to an academy or a school. McCain is not a hero, he’s an evil man. Period.


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