McCain is not a conservative

Recently, the desperate Senator John McCain claimed that he’s a conservative and that he’s more conservative than one of his primary rivals, JD Hayworth.

McCain’s fans cited the irrelevant ACU ratings, according to which McCain has a CY2009 92 pts rating, and a lifetime rating of 82 pts.

But McCain and his fans are wrong.

Firstly, as Randall Hoven showed on AT, McCain’s ratings are worse than those of JD. McCain’s 2008 rating was worse than JD’s 2006 rating (his most recent score), and McCain’s lifetime rating (82 pts) is also worse than that of JD (97 pts).

Moreover, many months ago, Randall Hoven explained why McCain’s ACU ratings are not high by Republican standards.

But ACU’s ratings are irrelevant. I don’t wish to insult that organization, but it’s ratings are irrelevant, as are any other ratings based on a very narrow sample of Acts, policies or other factors.

Politicians should not be assessed on the basis of a narrow sample. Such a metric allows liberals like McCain to present themselves as conservative statesmen.

Politicians should be assessed on the basis of the “Big Picture”, i.e. their political principles and the kind of America that they want, as well as the entire spectrum of their policies.

McCain is a strident liberal who favors many liberal policies, including: amnesty, the cap-and-tax system, nuclear disarmament, defense cuts, and the appeasement of China.

He was the chief sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Act, the McCain-Lieberman Act and the McCain-Kennedy Act. The first one was signed by President Bush, but a large part of it was later declared unconstitutional by the SCOTUS.

McCain also led the opponents of such conservative policies as the Bush tax reduction, the DeMint legislation that would’ve canceled Obama’s defense cuts, the HLA and the Federal Marriage Amendment. McCain spoke and voted against these policies, and led these policies’ opponents.

Conservative American pundits often (rightly) lambast the Democrats for their liberal policies, but McCain is the chief champion of most of these policies.


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