Michael Reagan has joined the FairTax team

The FairTax is a revolutionary American federal tax reform proposal. It calls for an abolition of the dreaded IRS (which can demand your papers and is not required to obtain a warrant) and most federal taxes (except fuel taxes and tariffs). No wonder, then, that it has been endorsed by many prominent conservatives, including the Richmans, 66 Congressmen and Senators, Sean Hannity, Kyle-Anne Shiver, Joe the Plumber, Grover Norquist, and Jonathan Krohn.

But no person could’ve been more important to the FairTax Team than the eldest son of the late Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan, who has been named the Honorary Chairman of the National FairTax Victory Campaign.

Michael Reagan campaigned for his father during the 1976 election and during the 1980 election, and says that Ronald Reagan would’ve signed the FairTax Act if it had been delivered to his desk during his presidential tenure.



The unneeded air taxi fleet

Robert Gates claims he’s a reformer who is busy reforming “what we buy”. If he’s a reformer, then why doesn’t he protest, nor ask President Obama to veto, legislation that would saddle the DOD with the cost of a new air taxi fleet for members of the Congress (who aren’t even entitled to any air taxi fleet)?


The DOD doesn’t need any VIP jets other than 2 jets for the Presidents. The DOD doesn’t need any air taxi fleet. Yet, Robert Gates is not protesting, nor asking Obama to veto that legislation. Why? Because he’s not a reformer. He’s a disarmer. The only “reforms” he has implemented were defense cuts.

RINO Romney has endorsed McCain

RINO Romney has endorsed McCain, thus showing his true colors.

Romney lied that record of service and sacrifice for America is honored by all”, and that It’s hard to imagine the U.S. Senate without John McCain.”

Hey, Mr RINO, McTraitor will not live forever. Someone must eventually replace him. And a Senate without John McCain would not produce the McCain-Feingold Act, the McCain-Lieberman draft legislation, and the McCain-Kennedy draft legislation. A Senate without John McCain would be a better Senate than the one America has now – the Senate that includes John McCain.


UPDATE: Romney’s buddy John McTraitor has agreed to go to the White House and try to save the failed socialized medicine legislation that the American people voted against when they elected a Republican Senator from Massachusetts. So even though Americans DO NOT WANT this socialist legislation, John McTraitor and several other Republican Establishment members (Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, etc.) will work with President Obama against the American people to save the Socialized Medicine Act.