Obama brings abortive pills to bases

Like other liberal politicians, he believes that the Pentagon cannot afford to spend even a few hundred million dollars for a few additional F-22 jets, but can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on abortive pills to kill the unborn children of female American soldiers.

Robert Maginnis reported that:

“America’s military is being ruined by a readiness-busting political correctness (PC) because those wearing stars too often lack the courage to tell their civilian bosses “no.”  That lack of courage has led to a long string of cultural PC crises – including refusal to recognize internal threats from Islamists to sex-based absurdities and misguided rules of engagement.

Last December, Maj. Gen Anthony Cucolo III, the commander for the Third Infantry Division in northern Iraq, issued orders threatening to punish soldiers, married or single, who become pregnant while in the combat zone.   

Cucolo imposed the rule because “I need every soldier I’ve got … Anyone who leaves the fight earlier than expected … creates a burden on their teammates.”   Pregnant soldiers are immediately removed from the combat zone and not replaced.

The Pentagon’s PC police responsed to Cucolo’s problem of at-war pregnancies by forcing him to rescind the rule and then stocked war zone pharmacies with the morning-after pill, a birth control pill in super-high doses that leads to an early abortion.  Pentagon officials claim the decision to stock the pill in Iraq was not prompted by the uproar over Cucolo’s pregnancy policy.”



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