Obama has abolished the Anglo-American special alliance

During the 16th century, English sailors discovered an archipelago called the Falkland Islands. Ever since 1833, when the archipelago was incorporated into Britain, the Brits have been ruling it.

Nowadays Britain is trying to wean itself off foreign oil and foreign NG by drilling for oil and NG under the bottom of the South Atlantic, nearby the Falkland Islands. Argentina is trying to block British ships travelling to the islands, and a new Anglo-Argentine war over the islands (i.e. a repeat of the 1982 war) is likely.

But rather than back America’s most important ally, the largest buyer of American equipment, the most loyal ally of the US, Obama has decided to deump Britain by refusing to back it.

Why? Maybe he doesn’t believe Britain is an important ally. (His spokesman doesn’t.) Maybe he’s courting Hispanic voters. Maybe he’s trying to punish London for the fact that it published classified information on a certain terrorist, Binyam Mohammed.



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