Palin’s gaffes

Sarah Palin is a talented politician, and unlike Barack Obama, she doesn’t need a teleprompter. I’m glad that she adressed the Tea Partiers who gathered in Nashville. Those guys are fighting for a limited government everyday.

But sadly, Palin made several gaffes during her Tea Partiers convention speech:

“Relations with China and Russia are no better.”

Palin did not explain why relations with China – an enemy of the US – should be improved. I understand why the US needs to mend its relations with Russia, but China is a sworn enemy of the US. The PRC should be undermined, not appeased.

“around the world, people who are seeking freedom from oppressive regimes, wonder if Alaska is still that beacon of hope for their cause.”

Palin meant to say “America”. The fact that she paused after she said “Alaska” suggests that she was aware she had misspoken.

“Remember that red reset button that America through Secretary Clinton, she gave to Putin. Remember that?”

But Secretary Clinton did not give any button to Vladimir Putin. She gave the red reset button to Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister.

“The problems that we face in the real world require real solutions. And we’d better get to it, because the risks that they pose are great and they’re grave.”

This is not  a gaffe, but it’s a disappointing statement. Palin rightly said that the problems Americans are facing require real solutions – but she did not propose any specific solutions.

“Now these aren’t the only ways to rein in spending, and alone, they’re not going to be enough, not enough to tackle the insane debt and the deficits that we face. But they are a good way to start and to show that we’re serious about getting our financial house in order.”

Again, this is not a gaffe, and Palin admitted that the proposals she cited during the Convention are not sufficient to balance the federal budget. But she could’ve unveiled her blueprint for a balanced budget. I have written my own blueprint.


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