RINO Romney is a tax hiker.

The failed ex-governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, wrote in his book “No Apology” that he would accept CO2-emission-regulations and favors a carbon tax as an alternative to the crap-and-trade scheme. A carbon tax would be similar to the cap-and-tax scheme -it would be a tax on CO2 emissions whose aim would be to limit CO2 emissions, even though humanity is not responsible for climate change.

„The headline on Romney’s energy policy is the ex-governor’s openness to restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. Like the rationalist he is, Romney prefers a revenue-neutral carbon tax to cap-and-trade. But more interesting than the headlines is the intelligent and frequently unconventional cast of mind revealed by Romney’s energy ideas. Here he is on “Drill here, drill now.”” – http://www.frumforum.com/romneys-plan-to-keep-the-lights-on

RINO Romney also likes the Obama socialized medicine scheme, and the only red line for him is the “public option” – so the Obama socialized medicine scheme is acceptable to him, as long as it doesn’t include a “public option”.


Ahh, those Massachusetts liberals: JFK, RFK, Ted Kennedy, Paul Tsongas, Michael Dukakis, and Willard Mitt Romney.

My advice to all GOP voters: ABHOR. Anyone But Huckabee, Obama or Romney.


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