The lies of civilian political scientists

Recently, a group of civilian political scientists who are ignorant of military affairs published their “report” on the US military. That report, which is a litany of lies, alleges that the US military is ill-prepared for irregular wars, that irregular conflicts will be the most frequent future wars, that irregular threats (e.g. terrorist groups) will be the most ubiquitous future threats, and that future conventional wars will be rare.
Those civilian political scientists are lying. Irregular threats do exist, and will exist for many decades. But they are not, and will not be, the most ubiquitous threats. Nor will irregular wars be the most frequent future wars.

The most frequent future wars will be conventional wars, and the most ubiquitous future threats will be conventional threats. Not because I wish them to be, but because that’s what the world looks like and how the world works.

Already, conventional threats are the most numerous threats. The conventional enemies of the US are Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. The only irregular enemies of the US are Al-Qaeda, the Taleban and FARC. And even those irregular enemies can be defeated ONLY if America defeats the countries that sponsor them. Those organizations cannot function without state sponsors.

Those conventional threats will continue to exist for decades, and additional threats will likely join them.

The most frequent wars of the future will be conventional wars, not irregular wars. There are few irregular enemies of the United States and they cannot attack the US anywhere else than the Middle East and Latin America (other than American borders, which are open, unprotected and vulnerable, because the DHS has failed to seal them). By contrast, America’s conventional enemies could attack her anywhere in the world, be it Europe, the Korean Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan, cyber networks, Latin America (see Venezuela), or the Middle East. They can start a war against the US anytime, anywhere.

So the allegations of those civilian political scientists are utterly false.


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