Russia backstabs the US

While Obama is busy appeasing the Russians and disarming the US military, the Russians are busy building the first-ever Iranian nuclear electric plant at Bushehr. Putin recently promised the Iranians that the Russians will complete that NEP this year. Not only that, but also Putin insulted the US for 6 minutes while Hillary stood silent.

When reporters traveling with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Moscow were informed that a last-minute meeting with Russia’s Prime Minister Valdimir Putin had been added to the schedule, they were told they would only get to see a few seconds of handshakes before being ushered out.
Instead, with cameras rolling, they watched Putin spend six minutes rattling off a number of complaints he has with the United States.


He barked about trade and scolded her about the 1974 Jackson-Vanik amendment. “Reporters were surprised at the length of Putin’s list of issues and the fact that he did it in front of the Russian and American press corps, a pool reporter noted.” In other words, Putin went out of the way to bully the U.S. Secretary of State in public. Just to show who is boss? And this follows the announcement that, instead of cooperating to isolating Iran, Russia will build a nuclear power plant for the mullahs – an announcement issued to “greet” Hillary.


In short, the Russians have now shown us what resetting the U.S.-Russian relationship means. Putin has figured out that there is no risk – so long as you aren’t a small democratic ally of the U.S. – of incurring the wrath of the Obami. No condemnations or even frowns will be forthcoming. This is, you see, what comes from throwing ourselves at our adversaries’ feet and scorning our allies. Adversaries learn to take advantage of us while friends learn not to trust us.”
Thus, Putin proved that: 1) conventional threats do exist; 2) Russia is one of them; 3) Russia is an enemy of the US; 4) Russia is an enabler of the Iranian nuclear program.

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