RR caught misleading Americans

The RasmussenReports polling firm has been caught misleading Americans about the FairTax.

It has published the results of its opinion poll about the FairTax under a misleading headline – “National Sales Tax Still Unpopular”.

The headline suggests that the FairTax, which is a proposed national sales tax, is opposed by the American people per se.

That is not what RR’s own opinion poll says, though. The opinion poll says that 47% of Americans (i.e. a plurality) said “yes” to the FairTax as a replacement for the current tax system. Only 30% of Americans oppose it, and 23% of American voters are not sure about it.

The poll indicates that 51% of Americans oppose a federal sales tax if its point is to pay for the Obama socialized medicine scheme. The reason why is because most Americans oppose the Obama socialized medicine scheme itself. The poll also indicates that 60% of Americans oppose a federal sales tax if it’s purpose is to finance a higher level of federal spending than the current level.


My message to RR: stop misleading Americans about the Fair Tax.


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