Blueprint for good American schools

Currently, almost 30% of Americans fail to graduate from high school, thus becoming high school dropouts.

As Michael Reagan rightly wrote, “High school graduates are healthier and more productive. They are far less likely to be dependent on government social services. In tax dollars alone, a high school diploma translates into upwards of $150,000 in the lifetime contribution of one person. High school dropouts make up over 50 percent of state prison populations.” (

So I’ve developed this blueprint, a set of 9 simple proposals to fix American schools:
1) Abolish the federal Education Department, which makes schools worse everyday by dictating policies to state governments.
2) Reinstate the DC voucher program.
3) Finance other voucher programs, if necessary.
4) Prohibit the entire federal government and the US military to hire anyone who hasn’t graduated from high school.
5) The Congress should adopt ambitious goals for schools. Because one cannot expect this Congress and this Administration to fix American schools, the appropriate legislation should not be expected until the next US President is installed. The Congress should adopt the following goals:
a) by 2016, the percentage of students who graduate from high school should be increased to 80%;
b) by 2024, this percentage should be increased to 90%;
c) by 2032, this percentage should be increased to 98%.
6) All states which maintain caps on charter schools should abolish such caps.
7) All parents should be allowed to homeschool their children if they choose to.
8) The National Right-to-work Act should be approved by the Congress, so that schools will be de-unionized.

9) All nonsense subjects should be abolished.


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