Polish secret services supplied terrorists with weapons

As reported by the “Glos” weekly, the Military Information Services, the Polish military intel agency dissolved in 2006, supplied anti-American terrorists and anti-American regimes with weapons. It did so with the approval of the highest levels of the Polish government, including Defense Ministers Janusz Onyszkiewicz and Bronislaw Komorowski.


The good news is that the MIS were disbanded in 2006 by Pres. Kaczynski and the Kaczynski government. The bad news? The sole Civic Platform MP who voted against the law that disbanded the MIS, Bronislaw Komorowski, the former Defense Minister, is now running for the Presidency of Poland.


2 thoughts on “Polish secret services supplied terrorists with weapons”

  1. Zbigniew,
    When were they doing that? Recently or under Communist rule? And if it was recently, weren’t they endangering Polish soldiers by doing that?

    1. They were doing this after the Communist regime collapsed. We’re talking about the 1990s.

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