Republican standouts chart the way forward for the GOP

Yesterday, former AK Gov. Sarah Palin was campaigning for Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who is running for reelection. I’d like to tell you why Bachmann and people like her should be reelected.

The GOP needs to win the recapture the Congress and the Presidency and enact a conservative agenda. But the only people who can lead the party – and the American conservative community – and show it how to win again are effective conservative leaders like Michele Bachmann, Mike Pence and Thad McCotter.

During the 2010 CPAC, these conservative Representatives, together with certain other speakers like Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich, rallied Republicans and conservatives to fight for conservative principles and policies and showed Republicans how to win again.

Michele Bachmann proposed a simple way of proselytizing liberals: each conservative should, by talking, convince at least one liberal to become a conservative, like her son convinced a San Francisco liberal.

Mike Pence called on Republicans: if you can speak, speak. If you can donate money to a Republican, donate it. If you can write [articles and books], write. If you can run, run. He strongly spoke out for conservative principles and warned the Democrats that the GOP will not back down on these principles.

Thad McCotter listed the 4 Great Challenges that America is facing as of 2010 as: 1) a global war against America’s enemies 2) the rise of Communist China as a strategic threat (yes, he used that term) and a rival model of the government) 3) globalization 4) the assault of a liberal culture on the traditional American family model. Thad McCotter compared these 4 simoultaneous challenges to the 4 consecutive (not simoultaneous) challenges that the Greatest Generation of Americans faced (industrialization, WW2, the first years of the Cold War against the Soviet Union, and the question whether the Constitution applies equally to all citizens regardless of race) and said he’s sure that Americans will overcome these 21st century challenges.

He listed 5 conservative principles that he believes America should abide by as it deals with these problems. Those 5 principles are the same ones as those upon which America was established.

He acknowledged the mistakes that the GOP had made during the Bush era as a majority party.

These are the kinds of leaders that the GOP needs.


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