Rick Moran and Jackson Diehl about Saakashvili

On April 14th, Rick Moran wrote this:

“Apparently, Obama’s best buddy Vlad Putin just couldn’t stomach the thought of sharing oxygen and space with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who has dared to defy Moscow with his pro-US policies. So Obama obliged and didn’t invite the Georgian to his little nuclear summit.”


Jackson Diehl (quoted by Moran) wrote:

“Forty-seven world leaders are Barack Obama’s guests in Washington Tuesday at the nuclear security summit. Obama is holding bilateral meetings with just 12 of them. That’s led to some awkward exclusions — and some unfortunate appearances, as well.

One of those left out was Mikheil Saakashvili, president of Georgia, who got a phone call from Obama last week instead of a meeting in Washington. His exclusion must have prompted broad smiles in Moscow, where Saakashvili is considered public enemy no. 1 — a leader whom Russia tried to topple by force in the summer of 2008.”


Um, gentlemen, could you please look at this photo?

Please look at the first guy from the left (the front row).

You were saying?

Rick Moran did correct his post after I sent him a link to this photo. Jackson Diehl did not.


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