Obama loathes the US military

Obama said this during the 2010 Nuclear Summit:

“Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”

The source: http://rightwingnews.com/#post11303

Of course, Obama doesn’t like the US military. He loathes it. His words and his policies have proven that he loathes it. But sadly, the US is NOT a military superpower, let alone a dominant military superpower. 20 years of a procurement holiday and successive defense cuts have significantly weakened the US military, allowing China to overtake the US.

Let’s look at the US military, shall we?

The US military has 2.6 mn troopers, but the number of troopers a military has been irrelevant since WW1 ended. Equipment is the most important component of any military.

The US Army and the USMC use obsolete 1980s M1 tanks which could be penetrated with 21st century shells and irregular weapons like IEDs. The USMC flies obsolete AH-1 Cobra helicopters which date back to the Vietnamese War era and obsolete Harrier jets.

The US Navy has shrunk from 600 ships during the 1980s to just 279 ships today, and without huge orders, it will shrink to just 250 ships by 2020. Its F/A-18 fighterplanes and EA-6 aircraft are obsolete and wearing down faster than they were anticipated to do.

The USAF is suffering the worst problems. As of 2008, 14% of its entire plane fleet was grounded. Most of its cargoplanes are obsolete C-5s and Hercules planes – aircraft that were produced during the 1960s. All but 20 of its bombers were produced during the 1950s, the 1960s or the 1980s. All of its gunships were produced during the Vietnamese War. All of its CSAR helicopters are obsolete and there is no replacement program. There was such a program, but the SECDEF closed it last year. All of the USAF’s fighterplanes, except 96 F-22s, are obsolete F-15s and F-16s produced during the 1970s and the 1980s.

Sorry, but the US is no longer a military superpower. It was, during the Reagan era, but Reagan’s successors disarmed the military and started a procurement holiday that continues to this day. President Bush Junior was expected to rebuild the military, but he spent most of his military budgets on his two unnecessary wars, not on defense itself. And now, Obama is doing the same.

Sadly, many Americans still believe this myth. They’re not the only ones, though. Many Britons, including the British Conservatives, fantasize that Britain is still one of the world’s chief military players. The fact is that the British military is so decrepit that the British Defense Secretary remarked earlier this year that Britain cannot even afford to maintain an independent military and will depend on France.

It is time to rebuild the US military.


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