Budget process reform

Many people have rightly complained that the US Federal Government needs not only to reduce its budget, but also to reform the budget process.

Any budget process reform scheme should be based on the following principles (which should be codified):

1) All civilian spending reductions and savings, including all savings by all civilian agencies (i.e. agencies other than the DOD) shall be devoted exclusively to deficit reduction and debt repayment – not to new spending projects.

2) All DOD savings must be reinvested at the DOD.

3) All earmarks must be publicly debated and subjected to a public vote.

4) Earmarks must not be added to legislation after it has been voted on by the Congress.

5) The Congress shall adopt a Balanced Budget Amendment and a Spending Limit Amendment.

6) All funding authorized for civilian federal agencies, but not spent during the designated period, must be cancelled.

7) All debt repayments by foreign countries shall be devoted exclusively to deficit reduction.


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