Abolish May 1st and other unneeded state holidays

Today, communists around the world will celebrate May 1st, a socialist holiday (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OECc3J2G7KI). Many countries still maintain May 1st as a state holiday, while America maintains 2 unneeded federal holidays: “Labor Day” and Columbus Day.

Every such holiday costs the government of every country that maintains such a holiday billions of dollars/euros/PLNs in terms of forfeited tax revenue.

So it’s time for the governments of all countries to abolish May 1st as a state holiday, and for the US Congress to abolish the forementioned 2 unneeded federal holidays.


One thought on “Abolish May 1st and other unneeded state holidays”

  1. First, and most on my mind is federal holidays in the United States!I think they should be abolished because why should most Americans have to work on holidays when federal employee’s get the day off with pay and full benefits!I do not care what the law say’s it’s not right!The only two holidays that I think should be observed is Christmas and thanksgiving.Recently we had presidents day and Washington’s birthday…who cares.The president takes several holidays each year and who cares about Washington he’s been dead for over 200 years put it to rest!Oh, I forgot the 4th of July that’s okay it celebrates our independence.

    Hillery Watkins

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