How to make America independent from ME oil

As with every other issue, Obama has been offering gimmicks rather than solutions on this question. He authorized oil corporations to drill offshore – but only from VA to FL and in the Persian Gulf, as well as along a part of Alaska’s coastline. And even those oil corporations which applied to the DOI for permission to lease those territories have been deliberately refused or forced to endure long waits and tons of paperwork.

Obama closed the entire Northeastern coast, as well as most of the West Coast (including Bristol Bay), to drillers.

So I hereby present my own solutions blueprint, which, if implemented, would make America independent from Middle Eastern oil, and significantly limit the total amount of oil (from any source) that America would consume.

The solutions:


1)      The ANWR, the Rockies and the OCS shall be accessible for oil drillers (the entire American territory shall be indefinitely accessible for drillers and explorers). Drillers shall be allowed to drill in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and SD. (,2933,349728,00.html) ( ( All American NG reserves should be accessible for everyone (  (

2)      Tar sand derived oil must be classified as normal oil.;;

3)      Petrol station owners should be obliged to install hydrogen pumps and E-85 pumps. (

4)      No American corporation should be allowed to use corn to produce ethanol (; no subsidies. A ban on corn-produced diesel, wheat-produced diesel, nut-produced diesel, vegetable-oil-produced diesel ( and rapeseed-produced diesel as well as all other food-crop-derived diesel should be instituted. No obligations to produce any quantities of ethanol may be instituted. Existing ones should be abolished. (

5)      Sugar-derived ethanol can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 80% – that is, by a larger margin than corn-derived or vegetable-oil-derived biofuels. Therefore, it should be commercialized. ( (

6)      The DOE should buy enough kerosene for 55 days.

7)      Oil-powered EPs, wind turbines and NG-powered-EPs shall be banned.

8)      The biodiesel tax relief should be tripled from $1/gallon to $3/gallon. A Fischer-Tropsch-fuel tax relief ($3/gallon), a babassu-oil-derived fuel tax relief and a hydrogen tax relief should be instituted. Other than the forementioned tax credits and tax reliefs, no other such measures should be instituted (for this reason: Vehicles powered by fuels other than gasoline, E-85 fuel, hydrogen, FT-fuel and babassu-oil-derived-fuel should be banned by 2050. ( All civilian vehicles produced in the US must be either FFVs or hydrogen-powered vehicles or exclusively-biofuel-powered vehicles or electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles. The Federal Government may buy only such vehicles. All forklifts of the US military (and all other forklifts in America) must be powered by FT-fuel or biodiesel:;

9)      Diesel-powered passenger trains should be banned (except those powered by biodiesel) (

10)  The DST should be extended to 7th January.

11)  The USDOE should commercialise BMW Hydrogen 7 cars, Honda FCX cars, biofuel-powered planes and solar-powered planes (; Hybrid buses should be banned. (

12)  The USFG should repeal the 1991 Alaskan Treaty and retake the islands ceded to Russia.

13)  The Congress should enact an algae biofuel program.

14)  Whenever the price of oil is below $60/bbl, the USFG should dbuy huge oil reserves for the SPR, build a large number of storage facilities and fill them with oil (

15)  Automaker corporations should be reformed in this way:

16)  By 2025, all newly produced cars, civilian ships, diesel locomotives, trucks, motorbikes, scooters, civilian helicopters, civilian planes, buses, motorboats, yachts and ferries must be suitable for biodiesel and for a blend of biodiesel and ordinary oil-derived fuel, as well as Fischer-Tropsch fuel and a blend of FT fuel and ordinary oil-derived fuel (;;

17)  All civilian cars of the fleet of the USFG and of the fleets of state governments must be suitable for the above-mentioned fuel.

18)  By 2040, all gasoline stations must feature pumps with fuel made from cellulosic ethanol, algae, french fry grease and seeds. (;;

19)  The Congress must enact a program or a law that would make most of America’s algae and most of America’s wooden garbage used for fuel production. (;;

20)  Algae-derived fuels should be commercialized (i.e. ready for the market immediately, and competitive at the market immediately) by the USFG (;;

21)  By 2050, all civilian planes, yachts, ferries, motorboats, buses, civilian helicopters, motorbikes, scooters, diesel locomotives and civilian ships must be able to use biodiesel fuel and a 50/50 blend of biodiesel and ordinary oil-derived fuel. (;;;

22)  Additional facilities like this one should be built:

23)  All plastic bottles must be recycled; 50% of plastic bottles sold and used must be recycled

24)  All steel trash must be recycled and be at the disposal of the US federal government

25)  These oil and NG reserves must be exploited:;;;

26) This should be implemented:


1)      When Iran is democratized, its untapped NG reserves should be bought by the US government or by American corporations and exploited. (

2)      American corporations should be forbidden to invest in Russian NG reserves and oil reserves.

3)      Natural gas should be extracted at every steel mill and at every coke factory (coke bakery).

4)      Liquified methane should be imported from Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Greece, Venezuela, Japan, South Africa and Colombia. The US must have NG reserves sufficient for 60 days.

5)      The NG resources discovered in 2009 should be exploited. (

6)      The number of American LNG ports and LNG ships must be increased. (

7)      The methane production of the PRB must be increased (

8)      The former Long Beach Naval Shipyard should become an LNG port (

9)      All shale NG reserves of the US must be exploited (

10)  Canadian shale NG reserves must be exploited by the US (;

11)  All lands endowed with NG reserves must be leased, and drilling rules must be liberalized, and all taxes on drillers must be abolished (;

12) This should be implemented:


1)      All cars of the federal government’s fleet, of the state governments’ fleets, and of the military’s fleet, should have their tires properly inflated; all cars of the federal and state fleets should be as efficient as 78 mpg and produced in America. (;;

2)      Stricken.

3)      The CAFÉ requirement for passenger cars (but not light trucks) should be 78 mpg (a Volkswagen Lupo car is as efficient as 78 mpg).

4)      NASCAR should reduce qualifying races to 1 day each, and all racing distances by 50%. F1 should reduce qualifying races to 1 day each and all racing distances tenfold. Daytona 24 Hours should reduce the number of laps tenfold (Indianapolis 500 should reduce the number of laps twentyfold).

5)      All cars of the federal government must be equipped with a Vortec Cyclone:

6)      A tax incentive should be instituted to buy Platinum Gasoline Savers and SI-1 fuel additives. They should be sold at all car showrooms and at all petrol stations. ( These gizmos should be installed on all cars of the government’s fleet (incl. military lorries).

7) The federal government and state governments must together finance a new, modern air-traffic-controlling system and privatize it.

8) To conserve oil and electricity, America should recycle 100% of the plastic, steel, glass, paper and aluminum it uses. Currently, only 1% of the plastic used in the US is recycled.


1)       All Canadian reactor types and all of GE’s reactor types (including the GEESBWR type) and the EPR reactor type should be licenced.

2)      The Australians, the Kazakhs, and the Chinese should be asked to export uranium to America. Additionally, a relevant agreement (or treaty) should be signed with the Australians. (

3)      Russian uranium should not be taxed; America should import more Russian oil, more Russian uranium, more Russian plutonium, more Russian titanium, more Russian tritium and more Russian deuterium. America should also buy uranium from the UN’s nuclear fuel bank. (

4)      An FTA should be signed with the Indian President, the Brazillian President, the Indonesian President, the Kazakh president (, the Chief of the SACU, the Colombian President, the Serbian president, the Bolivian President ( and the French President.

5)      Spent fuel from American CGNs, SSNs, SSBNs, SSGNs and CVNs should be recycled.

6)      An experimental beryllium-powered fusion-principle-steered nuclear reactor should be bought by the USN. 17.4 MTs of LEU downblended from surplus HEU should be used in reactors immediately.

7)      The US government should licence as many nuclear reactors as it can. The NRC should ask utilities to uprate nuclear reactors and to build new reactors on already-licenced lands.

8)      Utility owners should be obliged to recycle spent nuclear fuel. (

9)      Tariffs on nuclear fuel should be abolished.

10)  The entire American territory should be opened to uranium miners:;

11)  The American electricity-generating sector must be CO2-free by 2050 (

12)  The Price-Anderson Nuclear Act should be made permanent (

13)  The law should require 80% of America’s electricity to be generated by nuclear reactors (a coal EP emits 100 more radiation than a nuclear EP) (

14)  The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository should be created (;

15)  All reforms recommended by Jack Spencer should be enacted:

16)  All buildings owned by the Federal Government should be powered exclusively by wave-powered EPs, other renewables, and nuclear reactors (all American military bases should be powered exclusively by nuclear reactors, solar panels and hydrodams).

17)  All of these problems must be resolved:

18)  The uranium production rates of the Powder River Basin and of Wyoming should be radically increased (;; all unowned uranium reserves should be claimed by the USFG.

19) The federal government should revamp the nuclear reactor approval process and reform tort law to make sure that frivolous pseudoenvironmental lawsuits cannot prevent utilities from building new nuclear reactors. The federal government should also create a system that will achieve a speedy ruling on whether a new nuclear reactor is safe rather than render utilities stranded.(

20) Closed military bases should be used as locations for new nuclear electric plants. (


1)      The definition of these should include ‘micro hydros’.

2)      Hydroelectric plants should account for 15% of electricity KWhs produced starting by 2030.

3)      The Tennessee Valley Authority must build dams on all non-navigable rivers and on all waterfalls (without federal subsidies) by 2050. (

4)      The Tennessee Valley Authority must build dams on the upper corridors of all navigable rivers (without federal subsidies) by 2050. (

5) The 2.0961 trillion kWh currently generated annually by coal-fired EPs should be generated by dams and nuclear reactors instead. This means that the US will need to build 100 additional dams (each of which must be as large as the Grand Coulee Dam, which generates 21 bn kWh every year) or a combination of dams and nuclear reactors. (;


1)      All cars owned by the US Federal Government should be propelled by coal-derived diesel. (,2933,340923,00.html)

2)      Uranium, bitouminous coal and lignite should be mined from the Denver Basin ( and imported from Canada ( – there are 71000 megatonnes of usable coal in one Canadian basin alone. Uranium in the DB can be exploited by the private sector, if only the USFG permits it to.

3)      Coal should be mined from the Raton basin and from under the Pacific Ocean. ( This is necessary because although America has sufficient aggregate coal reserves for 250 years, it consumes 1.1 bn tons of coal every year. (

4)      The US should never emulate the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme, which penalises coal and nuclear reactors (

5)      Coal should be imported from Poland, Australia, Oceania, Africa, Central America and South America.

6)      The British should be asked to reopen their mines in the Black Country. The mines in the American Powder River Basin should begin producing more coal. All Denver basin coal mines should be reopened. Federal prisoners should work there.

7)      All coal reserves in all American states should be mined. All 1700 bn tons. (

8)      Coal production should be radically increased to reduce coal prices, thus enabling EP owners to build new EPs (

9) Coal should be gasified and extracted from the underground as a liquid, using the “coal gasification” technology (a georeactor) invented by the Main Mining Institute of Katowice, Silesia. (,35063,7752423,Zgazuja_wegiel__Moze_to_zmienic_oblicze_gornictwa.html)

10) Methane from coal mines and from under the bottom of the sea should be exploited and used to proper vehicles (including buses) and to replace heating oil. (,97222,7738772,Autobusy_pojada_na_metanie_z_nieczynnej_od_lat_kopalni.html)


1)      All American military planes must be suitable for the kerosene/Fischer-Tropsch-fuel 50/50 blend and for algae-made fuel by 2025, and for 100% FT fuel (which is a different fuel than the 50/50 blend) by 2050. (

2)      All American civilian planes must be suitable for the kerosene/FT-fuel 50/50 blend by 2025. (;

3)      Biofuels (derived from algae, switchgrass, wood and other plants) for planes should be commercialised. Algae reduce CO2 emissions. Algae-made biofuel still faces a number of challenges including a cost that makes it unfeasible (economically), tech challenges, and unmaturity (i.e. it’s still an experiment). ( It also gets slightly lower mileage than fossil-fuel-derived fuel (

4)      All ships should be fit for biodiesel. (


1)      Wind turbines should be banned.;


1)      Solar, wind and coal EPs should not be obligatory because they are expensive. (

2)    These problems must be resolved:

3)      Solar panels must be installed on the roof of the WH. (

4)      Every American citizen should be allowed to install solar panels on any building he owns without any papers (as of 18/12/2009, anyone who wants to install solar panels on any building he owns must complete 400 forms that must be delivered to a bureaucracies). (


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