A rebuttal of Polanski’s lies

Roman Polanski, who raped a 13-year-old girl 33 years ago, has written an article for a French magazine. The URL of the article (reproduced in the socialist “Liberation newspaper”) is:


This is yet another litany of lies by Polanski.

By writing this article for the Rule of the Game mag, Polanski has proven that he’s a man lacking moral principles, a scoundrel who deserves to be treated as harshly as possible, a vile criminal who should’ve been locked up long ago.

Bremner and Polanski claim that “The main point for Polanski’s supporters, who include President Sarkozy, Carla Bruni and most of the French intellectual world, is that the film-maker was stitched up in 1978 by a judge who reneged on the deal to impose no more prison time than the six weeks he had already served there.”

This is a blatant lie. The judge (Lawrence Rittenband) did not renege on any deal, nor did he make any deal with Polanski or his attorneys. The deal was made by Polanski’s attorneys and the prosecution. The judge was NOT bound by that deal and he could have taken it into account or not, when deciding the sentence – if Polanski hadn’t fled. Apparently, Rittenband signalled to Polanski that he would not take the deal into account, which was Rittenband’s prerogative. Rittenband was a sovereign judge, did not make that deal, and was not bound by it. BTW, it would be morally reprehensible for any judge NOT to sentence Polanski to prison, considering the grave crime (statutory rape) he has committed.

CB mentioned that:
“she [the victim] wants to drop the case.”

But that’s irrelevant. If Polanski is extradited to the US and tried, he will NOT be tried for the victim’s sake. He will be tried for the sake of the law. He will be tried because he violated the law by bedding an underage girl. Whether she wants to drop the case is irrelevant. Dura lex, sed lex. You don’t want to obey the law of the state of California – don’t go there.

“Polanski’s argument, set out in a 900-word letter, is that he is the victim of a mendacious, politically-motivated vendetta. “I can remain silent no longer because the request for my extradition addressed to the Swiss authorities is based on a lie,” Polanski said in the statement released by Lévy.”

Gibberish. The extradition request is based on the FACT that Polanski raped an underage girl, thus violating Section #261 of California’s Penal Code.

“”I can no longer remain silent because the United States continues to demand my extradition more to serve me on a platter to the media of the world than to pronounce a judgment concerning which an agreement was reached 33 years ago.””

Actually, it’s not the US that is requesting his extradition, but rather the state of California, and it would prever if the media did not pay attention to this and didn’t make it a spectacle. No judgment was reached on this affair, because Polanski fled California in 1978, thus mocking a Californian court.

“”Roman Polanski has already paid for his act, with prison and exile,” wrote Laurent Joffrin, Liberation’s Editor.”

Liberation is a POS propaganda newspaper, just like Pravda, Granma, Global Times, the NYT and the WaPo. It’s not credible at all. Their lie about Polanski is an example why. Polanski has NEVER paid for his crime (which they don’t dare call a crime, but rather an “act”). He was never in prison – only in jail, for a few short periods of time. 32 years he spent in his native France, surrounded by a loving family, plus an Oscar, a huge financial endowment, fame, several huge houses (including the one in Gstaad) and dozens of critically-acclaimed films can hardly be called “punishment”. The fact that he cannot visit the US is no punishment for him.


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