My comment on the 2010 Moscow Victory Day parade

The 2010 Victory Day Parade organized by the Russian military was proof that the Russian military is as strong as the US military.

Presented was a wide range of modern weapons, including T-90 tanks (introduced in 1995), SS-27 ICBMs (introduced in 1997), BMP-3 APCs, howitzers, and S-400 SAM launchers (introduced in 2007), whose range is several hundred kilometers. These SAM launchers can intercept even low-flying aircraft (albeit at smaller distances), stealthy aircraft, and ballistic missiles. They are deployed around Moscow and on the Russian-Korean border. The Russian MOD buys some SAM launchers of the S-400 type every year.

So the claim that Russia is weak and doesn’t threaten the US is a blatant lie.


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