A US foreign policy decalogue

Below is my US foreign policy decalogue – a list of 10 principles which, according to me, should govern America’s foreign policy:

1) Regardless of everything else, America must possess a strong military.

The US military and American weapons should not be subjected to disarmament treaties nor appeasement policies. Without a strong military, America will be irrelevant.

2) Initiate wars only when they’re absolutely necessary.

Make sure that the war you plan to start is necessary and that it will be fought against the right enemy, on the right battlefield, with all the necessary resources to win that war. Don’t start unnecessary war adventures like the Iraqi war.

3) Protect those allies who are strategically important.

Protect them by delivering weapons to them and by using the US military to defend them. A strategic ally is one who directly, significantly impacts America itself, one who is badly needed. E.g. Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, South Korea.

4) Don’t protect irrelevant client states.

Irrelevant client states only waste American treasure, overstretch the US military and America’s financial resources, and involve the US into needless wars. Don’t protect them – ignore them.

5) Maintain a flexible alliances policy.

Don’t cling to any ally indefinitely regardless of what policies he implements and what America’s interests require. Switch alliances if you need to.

6) Always do what the American national interest requires.

Don’t implement any policy which doesn’t serve the American national interest.

7) Serve only the US, and no other country.

You are supposed to serve the US, and no one else. You are supposed to serve only the American national interest. Don’t implement any policy which serves another country nicely but doesn’t serve the US well.

8) Pick your enemies wisely.

The most dangerous enemies of the US are those who can exercise global influence and harm the US globally. Always prioritize these enemies above small, weak groups like Al-Qaeda and the Taleban.

9) Make only small concessions.

Don’t make any concessions that would cost the US much or imperil the US.

10) Deal with the world as it is, not as you wish it was.

This world is brutal, cruel and dangerous. There are many hostile states and terrorist organizations on this planet, and they will never be America’s partners.


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