Obama plans a huge defense budget cut for FY2012

Obama boasts that he has excepted the DOD from his spending freeze. And that’s true – but his five-year budget plan for the DOD is much worse than a spending freeze.

Obama’s Five Year Defense Plan, revealed by the Heritage Foundation (http://blog.heritage.org/2010/02/01/the-obama-five-year-defense-bud…), indicates that Obama plans to REDUCE defense spending (i.e. the defense budget) by a whopping $92 billion (in real terms) during FY2012, from the planned FY2011 level ($549 bn). This means that during just one fiscal year, he will reduce defense spending (in real terms) by a whopping $92 bn.

This would be a reduction of 16.75% from the planned FY2011 spending level and would bring defense spending down to $457 billion – the lowest level of defense spending (in absolute terms) since FY2003! The FY2012 defense budget, planned by Obama to be $457 bn, would be smaller not than most Bush budgets, most Reagan budgets, and some McNamara budgets.

This deep reduction of defense spending – which Obama promised to his extremely liberal voters – is a gift to extremely liberal members of the Congress such as Barney Frank, the socialist Congressman from Massachusetts, who recently demanded a defense spending cut of $1 TRILLION, which would mean abolishing the entire US military, because the DOD’s current budget (the FY2010 budget) is only $534 bn.

Make no mistake: a $92 bn defense spending reduction will render the US military impotent. It cannot be compensated with a new BRAC round, or a reduction of bureaucracies, or a reduction of fuel costs. It will force the DOD to cut programs that are truly necessary – e.g. modernization programs. This means that the DOD will be forced to stop modernizing the military. This means a sharp reduction of the military and a sharp reduction of equipment stocks.

Please call (or email) your Congressman and your Senators, and political candidates from your district/state, and tell them that you will never vote for them if they approve Obama’ defense cuts.


One thought on “Obama plans a huge defense budget cut for FY2012”

  1. Thats going to bring the economy down even more america needs a comprehensive plan to create good jobs with good wages to get our economy moving again and we have to bring our jobs back to america and quit being so dam money hungary help our people first. I will never vote those people in they lost my vote and everyone I know.

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