Communist symbols in Russia

Here’s an incomplete list of Communist symbols which Russia retains:
1) Military banners which include communist and tsarist symbols alike.
2) The Lenin Mausoleum.
3) The Statue of Felix Dzierzynski (the founder of the VChK, the precursor of the NKVD), which was formerly at Lubyanka Square, is still in Moscow – in a park in a Moscow suburb.
4) In Russia, there is still a city called Dzierzynsk.
5) The district around Petersburg is still called Leningradskaya Oblast (Leningrad District).
6) The district around Yekaterinburg is still called Sverdlovskaya Oblast (Sverdlovsk District; Sverdlovsk was the former name of that city).
7) In Russia, there is still a city named Kaliningrad and a district named Kaliningradskaya Oblast, named after Mikhail Kalinin, one of Stalin’s most loyal allies.
8) The special division of the Internal Troops of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is still named after Felix Dzierzynski.

9) In Yekaterinburg, there is still a street named after Vladimir Lenin, and there are probably many other streets named after Lenin in Russia. The HQ of the Volga-Urals Military District is located on bldg #71 of that street. (;,_Yekaterinburg)

10) The city of Simbirsk, where Vladimir Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov) was born, is still named  Ulyanovsk, and the district around it is still named the Ulyanovsk District.

11) The melody of the Russian anthem is the same as the melody of the Soviet anthem.


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