Why the Dems always pursue a foreign policy of appeasement

The Obama Administration ridiculously proclaimed a “new era of warm relations with Russia” and continues to pursue a foreign policy of appeasement towards the Kremlin. Meanwhile, Russia is blocking harsh sanctions against Iran and North Korea, is making friendly gestures towards these countries, is arming Iran, Venezuela and Syria, and continues to build a nuclear electric plan in Iran.

Obama continues to dismantle America’s defenses and appease China, even as it refuses to back genuine sanctions against Iran and NK, remains a formal ally of the DPRK, sells weapons to Iran and the Taleban, is waging an arms race against the US, continues to undermine American industry with its mercantilist policies, continues to aggressively spy on the US, and continues to attack American cyber networks daily.

Obama has taken the military option “off the table” regarding Iran, and continues to appease Tehran, even as the mullahcracy continues to pursue nuclear weapons, develop ballistic missiles and sponsor terrorist groups.

Results of the appeasement policies of previous Democratic Administrations were no better. So why do the Dems continue to pursue these disastrous policies even despite a mountain of evidence that it’s a recipe for failure?

Because of their pacifist ideology. They believe that every weapon, every dollar spent on defense and every hawkish policy is bad. Furthermore, they believe that there are NO threats to America in the world today, except those which America has supposedly brought upon itself with its foreign policy.

They claimed Carter’s pacifist foreign policy would prevent war. They were wrong.

They claimed Reagan’s defense buildup would lead to war. They were wrong.

The Democrats are blinded by their pacifist ideology. They will never admit they’re wrong, nor will they correct their foreign policy.


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