CBPP posts inaccurate data

The liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), a liberal organization which blames Bush for the budget deficits foreseen by Obama for the next 10 fiscal years and the FY2009-FY2010 budget deficits, recently posted its detailed analysis of the current US federal budget, the FY2010 federal budget, which will remain the law of the land until 30th September 2010.

The CBPP has posted inaccurate data on the webpage dedicated to that analysis. It alleged that:

Defense and security: In 2010, some 20 percent of the budget, or $715 billion, will pay for defense and security-related international activities. The bulk of the spending in this category reflects the underlying costs of the Department of Defense and other security-related activities. The total also includes the cost of supporting operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is expected to total $172 billion in 2010.”

This claim is inaccurate. Firstly, the CBPP has irresponsibly lumped defense spending and GWOT spending together with other appropriations which it considers “security-related” (but didn’t explain why). Defense spending and GWOT spending should never be counted together with other spending categories, because they have nothing to do with them. They are totally different programs. To be honest, even GWOT spending should never be lumped together with the defense budget (which is supposed to finance a strong national defense, not the GWOT). Secondly, the claim that non-DOD “security-related” programs, together with military spending, equal $715 bn, is false. The FY2010 DOD budget is $534 bn; the GWOT supplemental is $130 bn; the DOE’s defense-related programs equal $16.4 bn, and the DOS’s “security-related” programs (including aid for Israel and Egypt) cost $9.2 bn per year. Together, this constitutes $689.6 bn, not $715 bn. Thirdly, the FY2010 GWOT supplemental is $130 bn, not $172 bn.

The CBPP also claimed that “Safety net programs: About 14 percent of the federal budget in 2010, or $482 billion, will support programs that provide aid (other than health insurance or Social Security benefits) to individuals and families facing hardship.” This statement is utterly false. So called “safety net programs” (which should be called “welfare programs for lazy bums) for FY2010 will actually cost $888 bn, not $482 bn, and will constitute 24.66% of the budget. Even excluding the Medicaid program ($250 bn for FY2010), which the CBPP counts separately, the combined cost of all 70 welfare programs authorized for FY2010 is $638 bn.

Not that I’d be surprised that the CBPP posts inaccurate data. It is a liberal institution which lies to defend liberal policies. It falsely claims that Bush is to blame for the deficits projected for FY2011-FY2020; it claims that without huge state spending and federal spending, state economies will collapse and state governments will be forced to eliminate “necessary services” (such as welfare programs for people who frequent strip clubs, huh?), and claims that the Iraqi War, the Afghan war and the Bush tax reductions accounted for the majority of the budget deficits of the Bush era and will account for the majority of the budget deficits projected for FY2011-FY2020 – even though the Bush tax cuts (which increased federal tax revenue) will expire by 1st January 2011 and the Iraqi war will end by December 2011 while Obama will begin a drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan by July 2011.

The CBPP is just another liberal Goebbels-style propaganda organization.


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