Reforms for Alaska

As required by a constitution, Alaska has a budget surplus – unlike most states of the Union, including Michigan, Indiana, New York, New Jersey and California.

This budget surplus – like the budget surplus enjoyed by Virginia and created by Governor Bob McDonnell – is proof that conservative policies work well, and liberal policies are doomed to fail.

However, I believe that both Alaska and Virginia could increase their budget surpluses if they reduced state spending to a larger degree, by merging departments with each other.

For example, Alaska should:

1) Merge the Department of Fish and Game with the Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Natural Resources. (

2) Merge the Department of Corrections with the Department of Law and the Department of Public Safety.

3) Merge the Department of Administration with the DLWD.

4) Grow its economy by instituting a right-to-work law and halving its state corporate income tax on all corporations except those which are parts of the oil industry.


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