So-called “feminists” are despicable liars

Recently, AT contributor Jan LaRue asked:

While we’re at it, NOW and its feminist allies need to explain their deafening silence. Are they placated by the assumption that gals might join men in the pool at an Islamic center “guided by Islamic values”? Is the National Council of Women’s Organizations still too busy trying to crack the membership glass ceiling at Augusta National Golf Club to get teed off about industrial-strength inequality of women?”

The answer is quite simple: so-called “feminists” are despicable liars. They don’t care about the rights of women, although they claim they fight everyday to protect them. They don’t care about the status of women. They don’t care about equal rights or the plight of foreign women. They care only about the interests of the liberal establishment (of which their leaders are members) and about extremely liberal policies which are designed to create a statist, liberal, pro-death-culture West on the ruins of the Western civilization.

So-called “feminists”, including NOW members, NEVER protested against voluntary abortions committed on unborn girls. Such abortions kill 500,000 unborn American girls every year.

So-called “feminists” NEVER protested against compulsory abortions imposed on Chinese women and infanticide committed on infant Chinese girls.

They NEVER protested against the discriminatory laws of Islamic countries (e.g. pre-2001 Afghanistan and today’s Saudi Arabia) barring girls and women from schools, ordering them to wear hijab, and barring them from meeting up with men who are not their family members.

They NEVER protested against the executions of (mostly innocent) women accused of adultery by the governments of the Islamic countries they inhabit (e.g. Iran and Saudi Arabia).

They NEVER protested against the burnings of Afghan and Saudi Arabian schools attended by girls.

They never protested, because they don’t care about the plight of women. They are despicable liars who only use women for their own political purposes. They endorse politicians who favor a policy of appeasement towards the criminal regimes of China and Iran. And they insult, lie about, and fight against every woman who dares to oppose their extremely liberal agenda.

By the by, the vast majority of so-called “conservative women” have married solid husbands, raised decent children, built good homes, and live happily.

So I say to feminists: You are despicable liars, and no self-respecting woman would ever endorse you.


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