Governor Bob McDonnell: An accomplished man.

Virginia can boast a 403-year-long, proud history.

When Virginia Governor McDonnell was sworn in, the state faced a $4.2 bn annual budgetary deficit bequeathed to him by Virginia’s previous governors – Democrats Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

Governor McDonnell made budget reductions, raised some fees, eliminated a $4.2 bn annual deficit and produced a $220 mn annual budget surplus.

For 8 years, Democratic Governors failed to balance Virginia’s state budget. McDonnell managed to do so in several months.

McDonnell is a fiscal-social conservative who serves as a role model for other Republicans.

However, while praising McDonnell, AT’s Mark Fitzgibbon criticized the decision of SECDEF Robert Gates to close the JFCOM, based in Norfolk, VA, and lay off (or reassign) the 5000 people employed by it.

However, this decision was necessary to save the DOD money during a difficult fiscal period, when the Congress is considering deep defense spending reductions. Consequently, the DOD needs to make significant savings on commands, personnel, bureaucracies, agencies and its manager hierarchy to reinvest money in equipment and the military’s force structure.

Let’s give Bob Gates credit once. At least he got this decision right.;


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