My opinion about potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates

One of my friends has recently (yesterday) written on his blog:

“Ron Paul’s age is going to be an issue for sure, but the man will draw supporters and on economic issues involving trade, debt, spending, printing money out of thin air, etc, etc, there is no one smarter or better. He does deserve consideration.”

You must be kidding. ANYONE is smarter or better than RP. He’s a moron who spends every day lecturing other people about issues he knows nothing about.

Regarding the rest:

Pawlenty: I don’t know enough Pawlenty to judge him, although what he has said so far is good. Maybe he’d be a good presidential nominee, maybe he wouldn’t be.

Romney: Hmmm, what should I say about Romney? On the one hand, he’s been vigorously fighting for low taxes, limited government and a strong defense, and against disarmament policies, tax hikes, bailouts, the porkulus and the crap-and-trade scheme. On the other hand, he’s the author of a state socialized medicine scheme (he signed the relevant legislation with a grinning Ted Kennedy in the background), and he’s liberal on social issues (although he claims he’s not).

Petraeus: I respect General Petraeus, so I’ll just say that the time Republicans spend daydreaming about President Petraeus would be better spent identifying viable presidential candidates.

Daniels: The guy is liberal on social and defense issues. He wants a huge reduction of defense spending. HELL NO!

Mike Pence: I like him, but a mere Congressman would not be a good presidential candidate.

John Thune: A freshman Senator would not be a good president. Vide barack Obama.

Jim Demint: Hell yes! Except that he’s a senator, not an executive.

Fred Thompson: Not really. A guy who doesn’t even want to run for the Presidency will never win the primaries, let alone the 2012 general election.

Bobby Jindal: He’s an accomplished governor, but he’s too young, his opinions on most issues are not yet known, and he said that he does not want to run for the WH during the next presidential election.

Sarah Palin: She’s an accomplished governor, and has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. She scares the ‘Rats to death, electrifies crowds, and attracts more grassroots fans than any other Republican. She has over 2 million fans on FB, while no other Republican has even half a million fans on that website (except maybe Romney). She’s a conservative who, unlike all of us, had actually to PROVE herself as such, by making decisions about, for example, whether or not to abort her own child. Because of her policies, Alaska’s economy is growing, the state has a budget surplus, spending has been reduced during her term by 14% in real terms, and a new pipeline from AK to the CONUS is now being built by American workers. However, Palin has made her mistakes, she’s polarizing, and many Americans remain unconvinced that her 2009 resignation was the right choice for Alaska.

Mike Huckabee: The most liked of all Republicans, a damn likeable guy, Huckabee runs the most highly rated political cable news TV show these days. He has been consistently beating Obama in the polls for several months, and has served as governor for 10.5 years. But if America cannot trust him to protect Americans from criminals, how can he be trusted to protect Americans from OBL, Putin, Kim Jong Il, Ajad, Chavez and Assad?

Newt Gingrich: The best, most qualified, most accomplished of all the potential 2012 Republican candidates, bar none. He’s a towering giant compared to the others. He’s a staunch conservative and offers America a complete, specific, credible portfolio of CONSERVATIVE POLICIES which serve as stark alternatives to Obama’s socialist policies. The root cause is that Obama believes that adult Americans are utterly unable to manage themselves, their families and their businesses wisely, prudently and responsibly, and so, they need to be micromanaged by the federal government. Gingrich rejects this ludicrous belief, and considers Americans to be responsible adults who can easily be trusted with huge responsibilities.

IN SHORT: Newt Gingrich should be the GOP’s 2012 nominee.


2 thoughts on “My opinion about potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates”

  1. I live in Amarillo, Texas. Retired from as a Mgr. within an Electric Utility.
    AS REPUBLICANS, WE SHOULD THINK TWICE…NO..FOUR TIMES BEFORE CONSIDERING SARAH PALIN IN 2012. She is a very nice person…good looks…BUT! She has too much BAGGAGE. She is too light-weight to be our President…encourage Newt and Mike H…..I’d like to “win this one”…Kenneth Owen

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