Additional evidence that Russia is an enemy of the US

Liberals claim that Obama has significantly repaired Russo-American relations and that now, Russia is a partner of the US rather than an enemy.

They’re lying. Russia remains an enemy of the US. Its foreign policy has not become anyhow less anti-American than it was before 2009. Russia’s decision to deploy S-300 SAM systems in Abkhazia – to prevent Israeli and American aircraft from flying over the Black Sea to attack Iran – is additional evidence that it is the case. An Israeli CH-53 helicopter crashed in Romania earlier this year. Thus the Russians learned that the IAF might’ve planned to use the airspace over the Black Sea to fly to Iran. Hence, they’ve deployed S-300 SAMs in Abkhazia (Georgia has no aircraft that would require Russia to deploy such SAMs there) to protect Iran, a client of Russia.


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