Russia and China are America’s enemies

Additional proof that Russia and China are America’s enemies:

1) Russia, to whom Obama surrendered European missile defense last year and with whom he has signed the treasonous New START treaty (which will freeze America’s remaining missile defense systems) has announced that it will complete, and open, the Bushehr nuclear reactor, and deliver nuclear fuel to it, by August 21st, and that the chief of Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, will personally attend the ceremony.
2) China’s counterpart of the Pravda, the Global Times, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, has recently published yet another anti-American editorial which presents China as a peaceloving state trying to solve the Iranian nuclear crisis diplomatically, and the US as a warmongering country that is conspiring to attack Iran. The editorial says:
“As a country with a long history and profound religious background, Iran deserves the right to keep its dignity and choose its own path of development. China respects its rights and sticks to the principle of solving the Iranian nuclear issue by using diplomatic means, a longtime policy it holds in solving international conflicts.

This long-standing policy makes clashes with the US more likely and is harder to avoid.

The US is not only casting the shadow of war on to the world, but it is also harming China’s interests.

The US and its coalition have been trying to press China to change its mind by isolating it, a tactic that is not working out. The US is learning the limitations of its policies and hearing more from China.”
The editorial also claims that America is “overstating the Iranian threat” and “dragging the entire region into dangerous uncertainty”.

China has also been investing heavily in the Iranian oil-NG industry, while Russia continually provides Iran with gasoline which Iran is not allowed to import from the EU because of EU sanctions. China and Russia have allied themselves with Iran because they share a common enemy, the US, and use Iran as their agent in the Middle East.

It’s time for American politicians to recognize that Russia and China are enemies of the US and to treat them as such. They should also refuse to ratify the treasonous New START treaty.

Furthermore, they should recognize that the claims of the Democrats and the Obama Administration that they’ve “improved relations with Russia” and achieved an “unqualified foreign policy success” is a blatant lie. The truth is that Russo-American relations are not any better than they were before 2009 and that Russia continues to pursue anti-American policies, including a policy of delivering to Iran anything the mullahs request. Russia has not made any concessions to the US whatsoever. Obama’s policy towards Russia (like the rest of his foreign policy) has FAILED ABYSMALLY. That is not just my opinion, that is a fact.


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