A high-ranking DOD official admits that China is a threat

A high-ranking DOD official has admitted that China is a threat to the US.

That official is Deputy Assistant SECDEF Robert Scher, who has recently visited Vietnam to construct an informal Vietnamese-American alliance against this threat.

From the Pentagon’s official website:

“Robert Scher, deputy assistant secretary of defense for South and Southeast Asia, met in Hanoi with Vietnam’s deputy defense minister, Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh.

Speaking during a joint news conference, Scher called the discussions “the next significant historic step” in advancing a growing defense relationship based on “mutual trust, understanding and respect for independence and sovereignty.”

The talks focused on ways to strengthen military-to-military cooperation in areas such as search-and-rescue, humanitarian and disaster-relief operations as well as language training, Scher reported.

Scher said he also shared U.S. concerns about China’s military build-up. Yesterday’s talks built on issues discussed in December when Vietnamese Defense Minister Gen. Phung Quang Thanh traveled to the U.S. Pacific Command headquarters in Hawaii to meet with Navy Adm. Robert F. Willard, Pacom’s commander.”


Admiral Willard, the highest-ranking American military officer responsible for the Pacific Area, warned the media and the public some time ago about the Chinese military threat. Sadly, the warnings of both of these men have been ignored by the senior leaders of the US government, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They and other senior govt. officials still refuse to recognize China as a threat, still claim that the only problems with China are “misunderstanding” and “a lack of dialogue”, and that the best way to handle China is “dialogue”. (Dialogue didn’t work with Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan or the Soviet Union.)



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