Yet another ridiculous article by Pat Buchahan the Nazi sympathizer

Pat Buchanan has written yet another ridiculous anti-defense article published by the HE magazine:

“With the financial crisis of 2008-09, followed by the threatened debt default of one or more of the European Union PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain), all of Europe also seems to be slashing defense budgets to save all they can of their welfare states.

Which raises questions we debt-swamped Americans cannot put off forever. Why, 65 years after World War II, are we still defending these nations? When Europe has more wealth, more people and a more lavish welfare state than we do, why should we impose sacrifices on our people to pay for the privilege of defending her people?

Instead of borrowing from Europe to defend Europe, why do we not charge them for providing that protection? If we are going to play Romans, why not demand tribute, as the Romans did?

America is the first empire in history to pay tribute to its satraps.”


This is yet another ridiculous article by the utterly discredited Pat Buchanan in the utterly discredited HE magazine.

Instead of tackling the REAL cause of America’s public debt (domestic spending), Buchanan has once again decided to attack America’s defense, this time, with the by now already discredited lie that the US is subsidizing the defense of European countries.

The truth is that 1) the vast majority of the American troopers who were in Europe in 1991 have departed the continent; and 2) NOT ONE CENT of the DOD’s budget is used to defend exclusively Europe – the budget is used to defend the US, and simoultaneously, its allies as well. All of the expenditures that are made annually by the DOD under the core defense budget would have to be made with or without Europe, even if there wasn’t a single American soldier stationed in Europe and even if NATO did not exist.

Buchanan also lied when he claimed that the US “borrows money from Europe to defend Europe”. Firstly, the US doesn’t borrow money from ANYONE to defend itself – annual federal tax revenue (over $2 trillion per year) is more than enough to pay for the DOD and the GWOT. It is not enough, however, to pay for the American welfare state, ponzi schemes, bloated federal bureaucracies, or 2,001 federal subsidy programs. Secondly, all European countries combined own only a tiny share of America’s public debt, the vast majority of which is owned by American institutions, banks and individuals.

Buchanan also lied when he claimed that the US government is imposing heavy sacrifices on American taxpayers to pay for the US military. Actually, the DOD’s budget constitutes only 3.65% of GDP and total military spending, including GWOT spending, constitutes only 4.5% of GDP.

Buchanan has also falsely claimed that America is an empire. The truth is that, as General Colin Powell correctly remarked one time during the last 100 years, America has conquered barely enough land to bury its war dead.

Buchanan is a dishonest liar, and HE, which is an utterly discredited magazine, has further discredited itself by publishing his factually-wrong anti-defense rant.


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