About Tuesday’s election

On Tuesday, the American people said “NO!” to the Democrats and their failed policies.

They spoke loudly and clearly.

The Democrats suffered an embarrassing defeat they deserved: they lost no fewer than 60 House seats, no fewer than 6 Senate seats, and most state houses.

But Republicans would be mistaken to interpret the result of the election as a “vote of confidence” for them, or “a vote of forgiveness”, or a license to resume the failed statist policies they implemented during the Bush era. If Republicans hope to win future elections, they must implement a conservative agenda, including low taxes, tax reform, limited government, a strong national defense, tort reform, privatization and ending pork projects.

They also must not obey their utterly discredited establishment (including Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove and Eric Cantor), which is responsible for the GOP’s 2006 and 2008 defeats.

They should also reject the Democrats’ “benevolent” offers to work together. Big Government, statism and socialism are irreconcilable with limited govrnment and capitalism.

Nonetheless, let’s celebrate. On Tuesday, “freedom” won. Tea Partiers won. Conservatives won.


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