Mitch Daniels is a strident liberal

Absurdingly, now that conservatives have won the 2010 election by a landslide, the American Spectator is talking about Mitch Daniels as a possible GOP presidential candidate and even claimed that this week is “Mitch Daniels’ moment”.

I hope Daniels does run, because he would split the GOP’s moderate vote, not the conservative vote, but I hope he doesn’t win the nomination, because he’d be an abysmal nominee and an equally abysmal president.

Daniels is a strident liberal, not a conservative. He’s not even a fiscal conservative.

Daniels has called on Republicans to dump and betray the conservative principles that Ronald Reagan espoused. He has failed to balance Indiana’s state budget, which continues to post a deficit after a deficit. He has raised taxes on cigarettes. He has endorsed the Global Warming myth and, according to one AS commenter, he “is supporting all kinds of renewable energy schemes and he is for constructing pipelines throughout Indiana to collect CO2 for burial in southern oil wells.”

He has also called for deep reductions of defense spending, singling it out for cuts, while proving how ignorant he is about this spending category. Specifically, he said, “We’re going to have to cut drastically national defense. How much is annual defense spending today, $800 billion?”

The answer is that FY2010 defense spending (he uttered his stupid remark during FY2010) amounts to $534 bn and constitutes a paltry 14.87% of the federal budget, and a microscopic 3.65% of GDP. If one adds the annual costs of the Iraqi war and the Afghan war to that, you get $664 bn, which constitutes just 18.5% of the total federal budget and 4.5% of GDP.

During the entire Cold War, except FY1948, the US spent more than 3.65% of GDP on defense. Yet, Daniels believes that a 3.65%-of-GDP defense budget is unaffordable. It is not.

America does not need yet another RINO presidential candidate.


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