The Deficit Reduction Commission’s report is a “hatchet job”

Last month, the misnamed “Deficit Reduction Commission”, co-chaired by Clinton’s chief of staff Erskine Bowles and former RINO Senator Alan Simpson published its report and said the moment when it was published was “a moment of truth” for America.

But the report itself is short on truth. It would be better termed “a hatched job”. It’s BS. It’s a litany of lies.

The report singles out only ONE category of federal spending for large budget reductions: defense spending, the one category which, if anything, should be grown, not increased.

The report calls for a reduction of the annual DOD budget by $100 bn per year, i.e. by almost 20%. Specifically, the report calls on the Congress to reduce weapons R&D spending by 15%, reduce weapons purchase spending by similar double-digit amounts, and cancel a number of crucial weapon programs, including the F-35B/C programs (which are the only options not only to the USMC and the USN but also to several allies of the US, including Italy, Spain and Britain), and redirect any DOD savings Secretary of Defense Robert Gates comes up with into the Treasury (putatively to reduce the deficit), rather than DOD accounts as Gates would prefer.

The Commission recommended such large budget cuts only for the DOD, and no other federal agency or program. Its report calls for all other agencies’ annual budgets to remain unchanged or reduced only slightly – you know, a few tiny reductions at the DOS, a few others at the DOA, etc.

The commission was evidently biased against the DOD and the US military, as it singled out only the DOD for large budget cuts.

Moreover, the commission left untouched, the Obama socialized medicine scheme, and the 66,000-page federal tax code. Which means that the commission believes that the Big Government that Obama has created should remain untouched – the only candidate for big cuts singled out by the commission is the DOD.

The commission ignored the fact that America’s defense spending is already miniscule (3.65% of GDP as of FY2010), that the DOD can’t afford these budget cuts and program closures the commission recommended, and that defense is not to blame for America’s fiscal woes. It also ignored the fact that defense is the #1 DUTY of the federal government. Taxes are collected every year  to finance America’s defense and its diplomatic service, not the bloated domestic programs of the federal government, according to the Constitution.

The commission ignored these facts, and recommended that the DOD’s budget be reduced by $100 bn per year (Bob Gates has called these proposed cuts “catastrophic”, and that’s one of the few issues I agree with him on).


Because most membersof the commission were anti-defense liberals like Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Bowles served as Clinton’s chief of the WH staff. Like other members of the former Clinton administration, he believes that the Pentagon is exclusively responsible for America’s fiscal problems and that any defense budget is too large.

During the 1990s, the Clinton administration gutted the military with deep budget cuts, thus rendering totally decrepit. Clinton even planned deeper cuts than the ones he was allowed to enact. Why? Because until FY1998, America had a budget deficit, and whenever the federal budget is short on revenue to finance its expenditures, liberals always blame the DOD only. Whenever the federal government registers a budget deficit, they always call for defense spending cuts.

So Bowles, as a former Clinton administration member, as a believer in the liberal weak-defense ideology, has called for deep defense cuts which would gut the military.

The commission was biased. Its report is ridiculous. Defense spending is not the cause of America’s fiscal woes. Let’s hope the Congress makes the right budgetary choices.


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