The opponents of a strong defense have not surrendered

Unfortunately, the opponents of a strong defense have not surrendered. They continue to call for deep defense cuts, and they’ve introduced legislation that would do that.

RINO Senators Tom Coburn, Mike Crapo, Judd Gregg and Democrat Kent Conrad have endorsed the entire package of proposals of the misnamed Deficit Reduction Commisssion, appointed by America’s avowedly pacifist president Barack Obama. The Commission has proposed to reduce annual defense spending by $100 bn (i.e. almost 20%, and this cut would be done by reducing weapons purchases spending by 15%, weapons RDT&E spending by 10% (arbitrarily chosen numbers), closing dozens of needed weapon programs (including the F-35B, the V-22 and the EFV), and transferring any savings Secretary Gates achieves on bureaucracies, overhead and bases to the Treasury (to pay for the deficit caused by bloated domestic federal spending) rather than reinvesting them in weapon programs.

Tom Coburn and his anti-defense buddies Richard Burr, Saxby Chambliss and John Ensign have introduced legislation that would implement a part of these defense cuts: specifically, they have introduced legislation which would pay for the GOP-proposed tax cuts for the super-rich taxpayers by cutting weapons purchases spending by 15% and weapon RDT&E spending by 10%. This would mean a $21 bn reduction of annual defense spending, in the categories that shouldn’t be reduced at all: weapons purchases and weapons RDT&E programs. These numbers were arbitrarily chosen by the “Deficit Reduction Commission” whose members know nothing about defense issues, and are designed to simply deeply reduce the DOD’s weapons spending and its total budget.

So these Senators have proposed to deeply reduce two crucial categories of defense spending, and total defense spending, by $21 bn to pay for tax cuts for wealthy Americans who don’t even want these tax cuts. Normally, I would advocate tax relief legislation for everyone, including the rich, because they’re as entitled to their money as everyone else. But it is utterly unacceptable to reduce defense spending and thus weaken national defense to pay for tax reductions for anyone.

It is ridiculous to claim that Republicans can’t avoid reductions of defense spending AND preserve the Bush tax relief. Reagan reduced taxes AND increased defense spending (to rebuild a military massacred y 12 years of continous defense cuts). Republicans would preserve the Bush tax cuts AND protect the defense budget by simply reducing the bloated domestic spending of the federal government: unconstitutional agencies and programs, dysfunctional agencies, entitlements, welfare rolls, and the 2,001 federal subsidy programs. And America can have a fair, equitable, capitalist, nondiscriminatory tax system if the Congress adopts the Fair Tax Act. I’ve devised a plan to balance the federal budget without defense cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan has devised his own plan.Yet, the opponents of a strong defense  continue to demand deep defense cuts while refusing to endorse any serious reductions of domestic spending. Why? Because they’re ideologically opposed to a strong defense.

Coburn’s plan, like the proposals of the “Deficit Reduction Commission”, would resignificantly reduce only ONE category of federal spending – defense budget, the one category of federal spending that shouldn’t be reduced at all. Both of these plans would only slightly reduce a few domestic programs and agencies: for example, Coburn has proposed to abolish the fossil fuel subsidies, to save the federal government a few hundred million dollars per year.

No intelligent person would give him any credit and if he doesn’t know that, he’s mentally deficient.

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