Why conservative women are better than liberal women

For decades, conservative women, called by their liberal cousins “traitors to their own sex”, have had to endure this epithet and many others, and have been maligned as slavish doormats not suited to the 21st century world.

Well, guess what? They are the women who are actually succeeding, professionally and family-wise alike. And they are laughing at their liberal cousins. Says AT’s Kyle-Anne Shiver:

“We traditional women, mostly Republican, are the ones who wisely chose solid husbands, stayed married, built healthy homes and raised independent, self-motivated, morally upright children with strong characters. We’ve also done the bulk of the volunteer service work in our communities and schools, in our churches and our synagogues.

And we did all of this to a constant barrage from our “more enlightened” Sisters, who have called us in print, and often even to our faces, ignorant slaves, shallow princesses, dependent doormats and mental cases. (…)
I have yet to meet or converse with a single Republican woman who isn’t completely disgusted with Obama’s campaign. We would sooner buy our next automobile from the handsomest, smoothest-talking salesman on a used-car lot than vote for the same kind of guy for president, knowing that as president, he will have the security of this Nation and our children in his hands.

We didn’t need a women’s studies program to teach us self-respect. We learned early how to create respect for ourselves by earning it the old-fashioned way. Discipline. Hard work. Taming the bent towards evil in our own human natures. Taking responsibility for our own actions.

Standing on that firm foundation, we have demanded the respect from men that we have earned, and therefore deserve. We don’t behave like alley cats in heat, and then wail for respect from men due to our body parts, the way many liberal women do. It’s no accident that we traditional women are married to responsible men and don’t go running after a politician to provide life’s essentials.

We already know what a stupid pipe dream that is.”

URL to the AT article: http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/03/women_voters_and_the_obama_cru.html


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